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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Light Revealed!

In the Beginning ...

Sometimes, this climate seems unconscionable, and so difficult to navigate for many, but it will change quickly and hopefully, peacefully. The current political/societal climate has all of us walking on eggshells, afraid of our own responses, reactions, words, etc. Interestingly, either side is fighting about or against their own opinions. The words and phrases we're spewing basically align with our own long-held, personal, conditioned beliefs. 

What if we all began to awaken to the fact that our internal belief system is not really our own? We were all raised this way or that way-and many of us get angry at the thought that others weren't raised ‘with the same values’, beliefs, political background, ethics, morals, etc. as we were. But if we were all the same - homogenous - wouldn't that feel monotonous and bland after a while? Change is our only constant in Life, and for me personally, change keeps me on my toes consistently!

Opening to Listen to One Another

We do need to be willing to listen to one another's opinions, feelings and views using our mature emotional intelligence abilities. None of us has to change his or her personal beliefs or opinions unless he/she wants to explore the deeper aspects of our individual inner workings. When doing so, it helps to have unbiased, neutral people listen to our laments. For me, it helps to have a neutral ear. 

I hear myself talking out loud to her and it's as though I'm observing myself. In that way, my Inner Guide/Higher Self (God, Jesus, Allah, Yaweh, Creator, Great Spirit, etc.) discerns truth from chaff. As I observe my self, my Self discerns the truth.

Collectively, imagine how much more empowered and connected we'd feel as citizens united against those things we abhor: anger, hatred, abuses, bigotry, negativity, chaos, war. How empowered would you feel if those around you felt the same way you did about those same issues? But then, we can stand apart from others and know that we abhor and disown all the negative behaviors without getting caught up in the resistance aspects of each one. We know intrinsically that what we resist continues to persist long and hard, making it difficult to ever come to a place of peace without our Self.

Unfortunately, some of us are incapable of letting go of the Egoic need to be 'right', and also of old conditioning. Therefore, it is difficult to be rigorously honest with our selves. Fear prevents many of us from looking deep within and bringing up those old paradigms and beliefs that no longer serve us individually or serve the greater good. Letting go is a process that takes practice, but there is freedom in knowing that anyone or anything, which no longer serves my higher purpose or the good of humanity can be let go of. 

We are More Similar than we are Different 

Humanity needs to be united for all peoples, no matter their religion, race, color, sexual orientation or other perceived differences. Indeed, for all sentient beings. All the aforementioned extraneous aspects do not and never have mattered. It is the human condition that has made these irrelevant issues relevant. 

In all the disagreeing, hatred, anger, judgment, et al, which is being cycled and recycled around our planet currently, we are not SOLVING anything. We are simply perpetuating problems if we are engaging in banter about ‘differences’. We are perpetuating the dissension if we are remaining silent, as well. Without dissension, changes can not and will not happen, nor has change ever taken place in history without periods of dissension. Logically, we are all acting insanely, yet we are refusing to see exactly how insanely we are behaving.

Today, I am changing my involvement in these processes. Today, I am willing to see that changes can and will happen amidst the dissension. Today, I am willing to BE the change I wish to see in the world. Today, I will see the Light within my brothers and sisters rather than the darkness surrounding them.

I am the beacon of Light that will shine her love on all of humanity!

Blessings ~

Reiki Nurse