Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Emotional Summer 2018

Energy is shifting, moving & regenerating 
Over the next few weeks, some of you may be feeling deeply emotional without there being a valid reason why. You might have emotional days in which you simply can't put a finger on what is bothering you. Just allow those emotions to be ~ don’t try to change or resist them. 

Cosmos is Infinite 
Practice being with the myriad of emotions that are plaguing you. There are major shifts in Energy happening that are not so subtle at this time. We simply need to allow them to be, navigate through them and move forward. Besides the fact that six planets are in retrograde this Summer, we are moving more deeply into the Ascension process, collectively and individually. If past situations and/or emotions of things that you thought you'd worked through already come up this summer, surrender to them. This is going to be the Summer of Reflection for many of us on Mother Earth.  Allow your emotions to come up without resistance and simply move through them ~ the process is timely and necessary to move into the next phase of Ascension of your own individual Higher Self. 

Self-care is paramount during this time no matter what it is or how you go about it. Spend time alone at the sea or in the forest or in the mountains. Meditate and bring more Light into and around your physical body. Send your glowing, pink Heart Light to your loved ones and imagine them being bathed in the Unconditional Love of its glow. This is the Summer of Self-Reflection and Introspection and it's going to be Life changing for many of us on our Journey. 

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With Much Love, Peace & Many Blessings

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