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Friday, August 18, 2017

The Journey

Narcissists harbor deep-seated loathing for themselves ...

Narcissism: Incorrectly Overused Term

Loving who you are cannot and should not be equated with narcissism. Loving who you are is, in fact, the total opposite of narcissism. Narcissists harbor deep-seated loathing for themselves and deep down they’re unsure and have no concept of how to honest with themselves. Everything happens to them or is about them and the concept of ‘creating your own reality’ or ‘personal responsibility’ may as well be an alien language beyond comprehension. 

A narcissist truly loathes the person they are.  It’s a sad and toxic existence where s/he is constantly seeking the approval of others for validation of herself as a person. It’s a place of darkness, sorrow and despair. There may be a little ‘narcissist’ in every human being, actually. But self-love resolves the misaligned energies that create self-deprecation and self-delusion.

Learning to Love Yourself

I’ve learned that loving myself is not about feeling superior, better than, or more powerful than anyone else. In fact, loving who I am as a woman and a spiritual being teaches me that I am not only equal to every other sentient being on this plane of existence, I am intrinsically connected to each and every one. 

I’ve learned that loving myself means caring about what happens to me as a person, as a woman, as a living being. I’ve learned that loving who I am is knowing that I’m a flawed human being in all her glory and realizing that others’ needs are just as important as my own ~ not more important and not less important. I’ve learned that knowing how I care for myself in the present is going to benefit everyone I come into contact with because I won’t take my stress out on undeserving victims.

We're all on The Journey, The Great Path ...
Being present for myself ~ striving to stay in the present moment (which is pretty simple to do, but not really easy) ~ benefits not only my own state of mind, but every other soul’s peace of mind that I’ll come into contact with on my Journey today. Identifying my own needs and desires helps me to stay focused on the changes that need to be made within my personality (and hence, in my behaviors) as I become more aware. 

My spirit is perfect and I’m drawing from my spiritual self to manifest what it is I experience on this level. Loving myself is knowing my authentic self and what it is that ‘floats my boat’, so to speak. It’s learning to take charge of my emotions rather than allowing my emotions to be in charge.

Learning to love myself just as I am ~ accepting every flaw as well as every virtue ~ is part of my intrinsic Journey on this plane. We’re all on The Journey, the Great Path. We’re simply at different milestones, various land marks along the road. We are all connected to each other and to the Divine Consciousness, God, Allah, Jesus, Great Spirit, Being, etc. We needn’t be afraid to show the world who we truly are ~ for that bright, sparkling, radiation diamond at our very Core is who and what we truly are. We are One. We are Love. We are Connected. 

Be blessed and continue on The Journey with ease and grace ~


Reiki Nurse (Kathi)