Thursday, May 2, 2019

Heart Chakra Healing

This blog post was first published in Reiki Rays Online Reiki Journal

Our Heart Chakra is located in the center of our chest 

The Heart Chakra

Do you feel stuck or trapped in a particular phase of your Life? Does your Heart break at the thought of things that might have been? Do you find it difficult to let go of past situations, people or things? Are there many regrets you have when you view your Life thus far, wishing you had done this or said that? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be experiencing an imbalance within your Heart Chakra.

Don’t panic! It’s easy to fix! And it only takes a little meditation (NOT medication!) and some healing Reiki energy. Add to those two things a bit of focus on your part and perhaps a lovely crystal that resonates with your Heart Chakra vibrations; and you’ve got yourself a cure for an imbalanced Anahata (the actual Sanskrit name for ‘Heart Chakra’). Anahata literally means ‘unstuck’ or ‘unhurt’, and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in this simple Heart Chakra meditation that I use on myself and with clients alike. 
The Heart Chakra ~ Anahata

The Meditation

1.    Find a relaxing place to lie down or sit, where you will not be interrupted. Turn off your cell phone, put the animals in a sequestered room, do what you need to do to ensure you are not interrupted. You will need at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted time.
2.    Using CKR or HSZSN (or any clearing symbol of your liking) clear your space and set the intention of healing. You can use sage, incense, palo santo wood or whatever you feel is cleansing, clearing, healing and what resonates with you. Use your Intuition.
3.    Sit or lie comfortably on a chair, mat, the floor, etc.; wherever you feel most comfortable. Turn on some nondescript music, such as that which you use for a Reiki session. (If you have a favorite stone that you associate with your Heart Chakra, place that in your left hand, allowing it to rest on your palm lightly) If you are lying down, you may even place your stone on your Heart Space or sternum.  Take 3 slow deep healing breaths in through your nostrils. Make a conscious count of 3 seconds inhaling, hold your breath in for 3 seconds, and then count out as you release your breath slowly through your lips for 3 seconds. Resume breathing normally after the initial 3 breaths and follow your conscious breath in and out for a few cycles.
4.    When you are relaxed and your body is relaxed, begin to imagine your Heart Chakra. See the beautiful green energy of your Heart Chakra with its lovely pink center shimmering like a diamond. Begin to feel its energy expand, first filling your chest with it’s bright and emerald light and then expanding outwards as it envelopes your entire Being and reaches into the space around you. 
5.    As you are imagining the energy of your Heart Chakra expanding, imagine the Energy of the Creator ~ Bright White-Golden Light~ reaching down from the Universe to touch the edges of your Heart Chakra energy. See the energies intermingling and undulating with each other, as they intertwine. The healing, emerald light of your Heart Chakra & the Bright White-Golden honey Light of the Creator combining and flowing into one another and becoming one in a cosmic dance of Love, healing & flow. Once your Heart Chakra has been touched and blessed by the Creator-energy, it has been charged with unlimited vibrational energy.
6.    Allow yourself to bask in the glow of both your Heart energy and the Creator energy for as long as you wish (I don’t really time this process. I let my Intuition guide me. This meditation has taken me personally a half hour or so at times) NOTE: With my clients, I usually give them at least 10 minutes in this part of the meditation. 
7.    When you feel that your Heart Chakra has been recharged and regenerated, imagine the intertwined energies parting ways with Love & Joy. Bring your Consciousness back down into your physical body and ground your spirit to Mother Earth by focusing on being in your body for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths and ensure you’ve grounded yourself completely before opening your eyes and stretching your limbs. Close your connections to Higher Realms and seal your Sacred Space with Love, Light and Reiki Blessings!


That’s it, my dear Friends! This Heart Chakra meditation helps my clients (and me) to reconnect to our Soul Purpose and to our Heart Chakra. I always feel rejuvenated when I’ve completed this mediation.

I hope it helps you, too.

Blessings, Love & Light ~
Reiki Nurse

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Revealed ...

The Full Moon has inspired for millennia ...

The Full Moon

Looking at the Full Moon has always produced in me a sense of deep stillness, inner knowing & an overall feeling of well being. Ever since I was a small child lying on my back on the front lawn on Mathews Avenue with my Aunt Diane watching the stars, I’ve been drawn to the Cosmos. The Full Moon, Luna, she’s the brightest reflective body in the entire Cosmos. I love Her and have had multiple experiences involving her over this incarnation (timeline). 

Those experiences stem from my previous incarnations as an herbalist/healer ~ they called us 'witches' back then. When they called us a witch, and pointed and shrieked hysterically, it became an extremely derogatory term that was used against us so that they could justify murdering us ~ by the millions. They hunted us down during the Inquisition & they burned us at the stake or drowned us or maimed & murdered us in some other inhuman, disgusting, amoral way ~ all in the name of God. But the real reason they came after us was in an attempt to shut us down, shut us up & terminate our knowledge once & for all. 

We Returned!
The Divine Feminine & The Sacred Masculine: Powerful Energy

Lo & behold: We returned!

Millions of us! We are back to stay and to help break down the social & religious conditioning, the old ways of thinking & the old paradigms. We’re here to shatter the old Draconian ways, ‘rules’, ‘laws’ & all the other rhetoric and bullshit that simply is no longer working for humanity’s highest good. 

 We are women on a mission. A mission to Heal. Heal ourselves, heal Our Mother (Earth) & heal those who inhabit Her ~ we are here to eradicate the toxic, noxious poison of the patriarchal paradigms. The patriarchal 'church’ does not want us interfering with their methods of brainwashing the masses. ’They’ wish to keep the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine principles quashed, clandestine, hidden from the masses as they've kept the truth hidden for ages.

The Truth: Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine

They know that if Humanity discovers  the truth, that we are all aspects of the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine, the Yin & Yang, the Dark & Light, we will each know our True Self. In turn, we will each take our personal power back. 

Yes, we’ll become both empowered & knowledgeable. When individuals become empowered & knowledgeable, they realize that fighting against each other is futile, wasted and ignorant. They begin to realize that their individual power, when combined with others' personal power becomes a Force, an Entity to be reckoned with. In that way we have overcome the forces of Evil & darkness that have kept humans in bondage for eons.
We’ll know our Divine Self and we will know that we are not separate from God, but an intricate aspect of God. We will know that we are not separate from each other but intricate aspects of each other. 

We will then rise up & shed Light on the darkness and the truth will be revealed to all. We will know the truth that has kept us from being set free, the truth that ’they’ have kept the cloaked & shrouded in darkness for millennia in order to control, manipulate and own us. 

When that darkness is transmuted by the Light of our Collective Consciousness, we will all know true Freedom ...

Blessings, Love & Light, my Friends ~

Reiki Nurse 

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Creating Abundance & Law of Attraction

This article first appeared here: Reiki Rays

Understanding the Term

I love this graphic and use is frequently!
"Reiki's Light"
Most of us don’t understand the power behind the Law of Attraction or that our thoughts create the reality of what is our ‘Life situation’. Recently, I began working with the Law of Attraction on a regular basis and things began changing almost instantaneously for me. Working with the Law of Attraction might mean different things to different people, but for me it means I’m actively creating a Life of Abundance.

When I say ‘abundance’ it doesn’t necessarily mean financial gain and riches. Abundance for me is an all-encompassing word that means that my Life is full and rich: Body, Mind and Spirit, which then extends to other aspects and areas. Whilst actively working with the Universal Law of Attraction, I also utilize Reiki because Reiki has become an integral part of my daily living. I simply think about the symbols and they manifest and surround me.

How it Works 

The Law of Attraction says that what you focus on you will attract more of. So, if you’re focused on the mountain of debt you may have, you will attract more debt into your Life. If you focus on making more money, however; more money will come to you. It’s a very simple way of being and thinking, yet it’s not easy. It takes effort, focus and time to manifest what it is you want to create in your Life.

And, as with anything in Life, you have to do the footwork. So, I want to be healthy and I need to take the steps to create my state of health. Whilst taking the steps towards health, ie., eating consciously, drinking  plenty of fresh, clean water, moving as much as possible, I am focusing on the fact that I am healthy and whole. This creates my healthy state of being. 

 We are Powerful

Abundance can mean abundance in any aspect of your Life

We can have, do or be anything we wish. It’s simply a matter of creating. We create our reality ~ I know people say it often, but do they honestly believe it? I’m going to write that again: We can have, do or be anything we wish. 

When working with the Law of Attraction, it’s important to ‘act as if’. By that I mean this: If you want a new car, but your finances won’t allow for a new vehicle at this time, you simply state aloud: “I love my new car!” and say it and feel it as though you already have it.
Believing + Feeling = Manifestation
Say is as often as you wish during the day. Do this for a few minutes at a time every day ~ or as often as you want to. Visualize yourself driving that new car, and really relish the FEELING of driving that new car. BELIEVE you already have the car! Yes, be daring! Take that leap of faith ~ and soon, that new car will be yours.


If you hold yourself back by thinking or saying: “I can’t afford a new car.” Or “I don’t deserve a new car” manifesting that new car will not work. We need to truly act as if we already have whatever it is we are manifesting. We truly need to believe that we already have whatever it is we are manifesting. This is the key formula to the Law of Attraction: BELIEVING + FEELING = Manifestation

If you wish to increase your capacity to create the Life of your dreams with Reiki, do it! Reiki Energy is subtle and supreme and you can use any of the symbols that resonate with you to do this. I love CKR and I learned from my Reiki Master over 20 years ago that CKR is the ‘Power Symbol’. So, when I’m in need of empowerment I often call upon CKR.


The Law of Attraction is not a secret, just as Reiki is no longer secret. There is nothing clandestine about either of these concepts. It’s up to each individual whether or not we believe and use these tools to our advantage. We limit ourselves greatly when we allow our EGO to run our lives. In letting go of EGO, we can do, be and achieve anything! And every single one of us deserves to manifest the Life of our dreams!

With gratitude to all Ascended Masters, Archangels & Beings of Light …

Reiki Nurse

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Thursday, January 10, 2019


Reiki is consistently ever-present for me
This blog post was first published here

Consistent Reiki

When I wake up in the morning, Reiki is present. Reiki is present with me throughout my day. Reiki energy surrounds me whilst I sleep. Even if I forget to invoke my symbols, the energy of Reiki continues to nudge me gently throughout my day: “Wake up! I’m here! Call on me!” Reiki energy seems to whisper urgently. It’s been this way for a long time and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

During the first few years of awakening to my Authentic Self, I used self-Reiki consciously and regularly. I’d virtually forgotten about my Reiki empowerment or having been blessed with Reiki in the midst of my personal healing and growth Journey. Everything came before Reiki energy, even after I’d been attuned to my Level III Usui Master/Teacher. My Reiki Sensei gently informed me that everything would happen when it was ‘right’ and I didn’t need to push Reiki in my own Life or in anyone else’s. It simply is.

Reiki is an Extension of Me

Now, it’s as though Reiki is an extension of myself, like an arm or a leg. It literally comes with me where I go, wherever I am, whomever I interact with. No matter that others have no clue what I’m doing when I draw a symbol in the air arbitrarily. Most of the time, I do this with my imagination now, but years ago, I’d use my finger to draw a symbol in the air above my head or when I entered a room where the energy felt dense, sticky.

It’s simpler now that I’ve been attuned to the sweet & powerful energy of Holy Fire II Karuna™ Reiki. Now I simply access and focus on the symbols I wish to invoke and the energy instantaneously flows working its powerful magic in any given situation or on any willing participant. So in this moment, being my Authentic Self is easier than ever as Reiki guides me on a daily basis.
Reiki helps Manifest my Life situations

Reiki Manifests my Authentic Life

Reiki energy is useful in manifesting my authentic Life with ease and grace. It is the innate fabric of my very Being, interwoven delicately, intricately within my energy field. Reiki continues to have huge impacts on how well I manifest anything into my Life situations. When I’m struggling to remain Present and focused, Reiki is here to gently nudge me back into Presence, back into Love and into the higher vibrational energy field. And I remain grateful and honored. I am blessed!

For me personally, Reiki is the Divine I Am consciousness, the Light Force, the Power of Now. Reiki is perfect. Angelic. Purity. Divine Love.

Thank you Archangels, Angels, Divine Masters, Ascended Light Masters, Reiki Masters, Undines, Fairies, Elementals and All Sentient Beings & Light Beings.

Blessings, Love & Light, My Friends ~

Reiki Nurse (Kathi)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Winter Solstice, Sun in Capricorn & Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Full Moon of December 2018 ~ The Cold Moon

Full Speed Ahead! 

We are entering the phase of the waxing buildup to the final Full Moon of the year (12/22), which is in the Sign of Cancer and will bring with it auspicious, sensitive energies that will help finalize and bring closure to everything that has transpired in 2018.

Consequently, this Full Moon in Cancer will resonate with releasing everything that no longer serves our New Life and/or Higher Purpose on the New Earth we are collectively creating with our Loving thoughts, Higher Vibrations, Intuitive selves.

2018 Has Kicked Ass!

For many of us, 2018 has been a year of inner and outer reflection and has brought with it many major shifts in attitudes/nuances/paradigms/conditioned thinking/residences and other major changes, which we have for the most part navigated quite effectively. I do hope everyone has been able to ‘go with the flow’ of these shifts expertly, intuitively & that you have all come through everything unscathed and renewed.

The Winter Solstice is upon us (12/21) and it ushers in a time of grounded energies, introspection and the shortest and darkest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun moves into Capricorn on 12/21 bringing its earthy energy and practicality to all avenues of our Life.
Sun in Capricorn & Full Moon in Cancer ~ integrating energies!

The New Earth & Winter Solstice

Humanity is, in essence, in the beginning stages of ushering in the New World, the New Earth. If you haven’t already begun to experience subtle changes and nuances in your intuition or if you haven’t yet been nudged by Spirit or your Angels to ‘get your shit together’, just sit quietly & wait patiently. The time is nigh!

The Winter Solstice is also a lovely time to for us to reflect on the past year with insight & retrospection. We can bring a calming, grounded energy into our environment just by allowing the Earth Energy of Capricorn to surround our hearts & minds with its clear, comforting Earth energy. It’s definitely a time to allow our body to rest, our Spirit to renew & our essence to recharge. (The 3 R’s: Rest, Renew, Recharge!)

We are entering an active phase of Life ~ 2019 is going to be active and filled with abundant, fiery energy! Prepare for a fast-paced, optimistic, wonderful year ahead, while remaining Present to ensure you experience every nuance, every new vibration.

And as always, my friends, remain open & steadfast & true to your self ~ all is being played out in accordance with Divine Order. We are all connected. We are One.

Blessings, Love & Light ~

Reiki Nurse (Kathi)

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Monday, September 3, 2018

An Enlightening Experience ...

Sending Love & Good Vibrations!

The Experience

I had an enlightening breakthrough over the past few months that I'm willing to share now that I understand it more fully. I hope that in sharing it publicly, some of the anger, hatred & rhetoric that's been plaguing all of America, and indeed, the world of late will be eased somewhat.
I woke up in the middle of night recently, tearful, anxious & almost panicked. This summer has been an intense & emotional Journey into the deepest recesses of my emotional self, past & present. The thoughts upon awakening that were taking up space in my brain at that ungodly hour were: 'What we resist, persists' & 'Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.' Both thoughts intertwined with each other & suddenly made absolute & perfect sense to me, as though a bright light shone upon them.
Abruptly, it was as though I understood everything that has been happening to me & around me over the last few years. I understood that in order to continue to move forward ~ and to not allow myself to be sucked into the vortex of rhetorical hatred, righteous anger and energy depletion that is currently plaguing the world, I absolutely need to become more tolerant of all situations.

My View of the Experience

Just as I need to accept myself and all my feelings, emotions, attitudes, behaviors & what not; I also need to accept all situations, people, places & things. I can change ONLY my own reactions, emotions and responses. Otherwise, I'm wasting my precious energy in the vortex, which is definitely not what I want to be doing. My energy is precious and I want to use it only for good to help change my world & the world around me.
This is one of the things that Humanity as a whole needs to begin to see, know & feel on a daily basis. We are all spiritual beings having human experiences, whether or not we believe in God/Goddess/Allah/Jesus or the Purple People Eater. We are here on Earth together, the Human Family, and we are sharing this planet together. 
We will not always agree on everything and it would be absolutely boring if we did, don't you think? I don't like that 'cookie cutter' experience ~ you know, the one where everything looks or acts or appears to be the same. It's just plain boring to me.
But just because we don't agree on everything, it certainly doesn't mean we need to waste precious time and energy seething in our own shit because we have differing opinions or different religious beliefs or different colored skin or different political views from others in our environment.
We can and must learn to treat each other with respect, kindness, love & decency DESPITE our differences. If we are not doing so on a daily basis, we are creating more chaos in our own lives and the lives of others. We are not supporting peace, nor are we helping to create peace within ourselves or in the world around us. 
In closing, we are not always going to agree on everything, but we can continue to treat each other with compassion, kindness, love & decency. We are, after all, all part of the same race: the HUMAN race.
Peace, Love & Light ~
Reiki Nurse 

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