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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bright New Year Wishes!

Brilliant New Year Blessings!

The past year was wrought with so many lessons on a Soul level and on a subconscious level for me and for many others, that it almost seems surreal as 2016 makes way for 2017. I’m happy that the year completed on a good note and that we are all privy to NEW energies and NEW vibrations in 2017. We needn’t hold on to the sorrows or horrors of 2016, as it is all passing away as we live each moment in the presence of today ~

So, the outgoing year ~ 2016 ~ is considered a ‘9’ year, which esoterically means a year of endings, completions and closures on various levels. The New Year coming in (2017) has the energy of a ‘1’ year: New beginnings, new ventures, new energies and vibrations that we can welcome with open arms and hearts.

Let’s make it a GREAT year! My wish for everyone is peace, love, joy and prosperity of spirit in the coming year! Make it so!

For more information about energy or energies, the vibrations of numbers and other metaphysical and/or spiritual questions or concerns, please always feel free to contact me via the email on my site and/or subscribe: Reiki's Mystic Circle  I’ll respond in a timely manner to you. 

It’s a New Year once again! May your year be filled with many Blessings, Peace, Joy and LOVE!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Precious doe
Reiki Nurse