Thursday, July 1, 2021

Reiki & My Nomadic Life

The Milky Way 

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This article is borne of my own lack of desire to get or have ‘roots’ in this incarnation. For so long, I’ve been struggling with a nagging inner voice that pushes me to venture out and expand my horizons, travel to new places and connect with new people for whom Reiki Energy may be helpful.

I was rooted in a toxic relationship many years, while at the same time I was on a Spiritual path to awakening to who I truly am. Whilst allowing myself & my energy to be quashed by remaining in an extremely toxic & non-productive union with someone who did not care about me as a person, and least of all about my spiritual life; I remained trapped within my own self-created prison.

I used Reiki Energy and even upgraded my Reiki Master/Teacher certification during that period of time, and obtained a second certification as a Reiki Master Teacher in the Holy Fire® Reiki tradition. Holy Fire® Reiki changed the direction of my Life immensely, as did my own practice of meditation, affirmations, inner work and self-healing.

After many years of contemplation and standstill, my Spirit is rooted in expansiveness, Light & fearlessness. I’ve tethered my Self to Life in such a way as to incorporate Reiki Energy and the Unconditional Love of self and others to expand my Life and move forward on my personal and spiritual Reiki Nomadic Journey.

Reiki & My Nomadic Life

I currently travel all over the United States ~ (and soon will incorporate Canada & Mexico, as well) ~ carrying with me Love, Light & Reiki towards all sentient beings whom I come into contact with. My inner compass leads the way as I contract with various facilities to work for 6-13 week stints caring for patients in a conventional, yet unconventional way in hospitals across the United States.

During these short-term contracts, I meet people from all walks of Life and with various vibrational levels. Some of these people are bathed in the vibrations of sorrow, some in hope, some in defeat, some in strength. In whatever way these souls present themselves to me, I align with their spirit and meet them exactly where they are, always with openness and integrity.

When I meet them with Presence and non-judgement, and speak to them about the amazing effects (and affects) of Reiki Energy ~ the Universal Life Force ~ they either shy away from its healing benefits, or they accept it at face value, and begin to ask questions. Either way, each of these precious Souls has been exposed to Reiki, the Universal Energy, and from this point forward will always be aware that there is an Ever-Present Energy in the Universe that heals profoundly and completely.

Naturally, one does not need to be a nomad to share the richness and beauty of Reiki Energy. This is my personal calling and I’m following my own path. I simply wanted to share it with other practitioners who may have a similar desire to travel simply and help others open to their own highest potential.

Reiki Blessings to All!

Nomadic Reiki Nurse 

Reiki's Wellness 

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