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Reiki Energy's Current Role for Humanity

Reiki Energy’s Current Role for Humanity

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Reiki Energy plays an important and specific role in the ascension of Humanity, and we are most definitely living in auspicious times on Mother Earth. Many Souls ultimately chose to be here at this time as we prepare the colloquial soil for
 “planting and successful harvest” of Humanity’s awakening and ultimate ascension into a “new earth” or new way of BE-ing.

When I look at pieces of history on this planet, I can easily connect the dots as to what is happening currently in our atmosphere, on our planet, and within Humanity. The progression of our Human story is not difficult to perceive as we move through time and space, on this epic adventure. As each individual soul expands his or her consciousness, we are reminded that our Soul purpose is not only to learn that LOVE is a timeless salve for every situation, but that our connection to the Creator(s) and to one another is paramount on this spiritual Journey.

And for me, it is not difficult to clearly see that every human being, every Energy being is connected intrinsically. Energy is everything. Reiki simply IS. Reiki is the Soul of the Universe: the beginning, the end, the all – encompassing Energy that simply IS. I’ve used the term Soul and Energy interchangeably, even prior to my Reiki training in the 90’s. Many of us who are currently sharing this planet during this process of creating the ‘new earth’ chose to be here during this period, because it is our Soul mission, our Soul purpose to guide and assist other Souls through this process.

It is the spiritual work we chose to carry through that is necessary for the continuation of Humanity as a whole. We are simply conduits for the Universal Energy, and we are here to transmute the misaligned Energy into highly-attuned and aligned Energy ~ to bring love, balance and peace to all individuals, and to the planet as a whole. We need only focus on the process of transmuting the misaligned energies into aligned Energy to be effective in our mission.

Reiki Energy continues to guide and lead humanity into a more balanced, loving and peaceful way of BE-ing. Reiki was rediscovered early on in the 20th century, and it has continued to expand into the 21st Century. Reiki found its way back to Mother Earth via Dr. Mikao Usui and if we follow its progression through the decades, we clearly see how it has expanded and inflated to sublime levels. There have been so many other names assigned to this prodigious Energy since Reiki first made its way back to Mother Earth, it’s difficult to keep track of them all!

We need only continue to effectively Love, transmute and move forward with our individual and collective missions in using Reiki to heal ourselves and humanity. I’m grateful to be here at this wonderful time and to be part of the process that is collectively assisting Humanity into new ways of BE-ing.

I’m grateful to know and love and work with all my brothers and sisters in Light, Love & Peace!

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