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REIKI & The Emotional Self

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Some people are under the false assumption that expression of powerful emotions such as anger or sadness is detrimental to our well-being. It is actually the opposite: when we suppress our powerful emotions, we are creating unhealthy patterns and pockets of stagnant and misaligned energy within our energy field. People who think they should only project ‘good vibes’ consistently will end up suffering in the long run. Why?

Because it is unrealistic to think that only good vibes and happiness can be expressed or shown. It is also extremely unhealthy for anyone to suppress powerful, intense emotions, such as anger or sadness. Every emotion needs to be released and/or expressed, as its energy is powerful, and can be destructive when held within our energetic (auric) field.

It is healthier by far to express all our human emotions ~ that’s one reason why we chose to come to this plane of existence: so we could feel the myriad of emotions that cycle through the human experience here on the earth plane. We came to experience every emotion; from sadness and grief to joy and happiness. From anger and resentment, to contentment and satisfaction. It is not only healthy to learn to experiment with our emotional content, it is necessary to our development as human beings. It’s also paramount in developing healthy emotional intelligence.

It’s healthy to hold space for all emotions: Heavy, turbulent rage as well as sadness & grief. We would not be human without these and all emotions. Reiki can help us accept and hold space for all emotions in the human realm, while helping us develop emotional intelligence, as well.

If we work with the mental/emotional symbol on a regular basis when it comes to processing our emotional content, we become more astute in identifying and expressing the alleged and so-called “negative” and powerful emotions in the human experience. The mental/emotional symbol (Sei hei ki) opens neuro pathways in our brain to allow for the expression of powerful emotions. Meditation or ritual using SHK to release and express emotions is a spiritual practice that helps many practitioners develop and ‘exercise’ their emotional content.

REIKI & the Emotional Self

Additionally, as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher for over two decades, it is with confidence that I claim there is no ‘negative’ energy. There is simply Energy. Humans label energy, but in reality Energy is simply Energy. It is neither negative nor positive. It may feel misaligned or heavy; or light or airy. It can also be dark or chaotic. Labeling energy with definitive terms such as ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ anchors our brain in the binary system: The black and white mode of thinking; the two- dimensional mode.

Allowing our emotions to emerge in healthy ways, and holding space for every single emotion is not only healthy and preferable, it is so important.We need to be clear about our boundaries and our limits. Expression of all emotions is healthy. Remember, there are no negative emotions. There are only negative responses and reactions to powerful emotions. Reiki and the mental/emotional symbol (SHK) helps us regulate, heal and move beyond our minds.

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