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From 3D t0 5D ~ Challenges Reiki People Face (Part II) "Ascension 101 For Reiki Practitioners"

This article was first published in September 2019 in Reiki Rays

Mother Earth
Those of us who realize that this time period on Mother Earth is auspicious, albeit chaotic and difficult, must forge ahead and continue the work of educating, loving, healing and disseminating information. Our future is contingent on knowing what our own personal Truth is in relation to what is happening in our environment and universally. We need to realize that our own Inner Truth is written on our very Souls; and that in order to realize our own personal truths, we go through a process of cutting away the EGO-educated paradigms that have kept Humanity in bondage to societal conditioning and unhealthy thinking for thousands of years.

What are the obstacles that prevent a Soul from Awakening fully to his or her own Truth?

There are so many obstacles that listing them would probably take longer than any of us have time to write or read. But most every one of them can be sub-headed and grouped under one label: EGO. Ego has gained a bad wrap in recent years, and that is because it is the ultimate trickster of human beings.
Our mind (thinking, way of thinking, conditioning) is our EGO. No matter what some of the self-proclaimed gurus (EGOcentric false prophets) of the modern new age movement say, EGO must be transcended and tamed prior to moving along a path towards our personal Enlightenment or Awakening.
Ego has a way of tripping us up and telling us that it’s not necessary to go through any ‘steps’ to reach our fullest potential, our truest Self. Ego wants us to believe that we can ‘go it alone’ and everything will turn out peachy. No man is an island, so the saying goes and yes, we need to bounce ideas and truths off one another ~ preferably off those on a similar spiritual path. We also need to realize that the PILOT in our lives isn’t ‘me’ or ‘I’ or ‘myself’ but ‘us’ and ‘we’. We are co-pilots of our Life with our Higher Power ~ and our Higher Power is NOT and cannot be EGO!
From 3D to 5D ~ Ascension 101 for Reiki Practitioners (Part II)

So, what is this ‘shedding EGO’ step all about?

Well, it’s first realizing that my Self is simply spirit. Not only is Self simply spirit. The Self is a perfect being. We must learn to shift our thoughts from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. I like to use the phrase ‘go with the flow’ because it’s pretty much spot on when it comes to releasing EGO and simply accepting the Present moment as it presents itself.
Everything that happens in my Life is as it is. If I label it with words like ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, I am judging the moments as they arise. If I simply allow every moment to ‘be’ I am going with the flow and the rhythm of Life. It sounds so simple as I’m typing it, but to put this concept into action takes much practice and constant Presence (awareness). I work on it daily and oftentimes I am tripped up either by being triggered by someone or something someone says, or simply because I’m human.

Healing Reiki energy helps me to soothe and heal myself, and allows me to let go for a moment or two and relax into simply ‘being’. I use a combination of CKRHSZSN and some of the Holy Fire II® Karuna symbols to continually and gently keep my physical form surrounded by Reiki Energy. Your intuition can help you in choosing which symbols to utilize throughout the day. CKR is one that is a constant in my Life and has been for many years.
Using these symbols and Reiki Energy in this way helps me to virtually live, breathe and remain aware knowing the divinity of Reiki Energy is surrounding me constantly. I am blessed beyond belief having and using Reiki during my spiritual practice and consistently throughout the day.
More often than not, I send a few symbols ahead of me to grace my work place so that during meetings, patient care and all my work-related interactions throughout the day I am blessed and protected with Reiki Energy. The two most profound grounding and protecting symbols from Karuna Holy Fire II® Reiki are Kriya and Rama.
Both can be used to clear negative energies from a room or rooms, as well as ground you and your colleagues to your environment. I manifest Rama within meeting rooms regularly. Both symbols also keep me grounded within so that when EGO creeps up and manifests during discussions in which I feel the (ego) need to be right, I instead silence myself and rethink and reword responses.
Reiki Blessings!
Peace, Love & Light!

Reiki Nurse 

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