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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Is it Possible to Unplug From Technology Daily?

Greetings, Everyone! 

Humanity Needs a Break!

I wish to make this post as informative, yet as simple, as possible. There are so many things happening on a spiritual level that some of us can feel, but do not completely understand. I want to reach out to those of you who are frightened about the results of the recent U.S. election. It’s not as catastrophic as it might feel for you at this time. Humanity is being urged to realize that there is MORE to Life than what we see in this duality we call ‘life’ on Earth. You can contact me via my website if you wish to discuss this further.
The Sound of God 

There is so much more than what we ‘see’ just with our eyes. There is also what we can see with all of our other senses engaged. Things that are not only visualized, but sensed and felt on levels deeper than that which can explain.

Disconnect Temporarily~It IS Possible!

Our brains are on technology overload daily; which leads to information overload and essentially, psychological and mental fatigue. What would be beneficial for each of us is to take breaks away from technological devices a few times a day. By doing so, we give our bodies (and brains) the chance to recharge our own internal ‘batteries’, our own hard drives, if you will ~ and take a break from information overload on the technology highway to simply regroup.

I can hear your protests, my friends, and I understand!: “But, Reiki Nurse, how do we do that? We use computers and smart phones all day long for everything!” I use my smart phone and computer on a daily basis, too!

Here’s how I do it, my friends:

1. Make a decision to get recharged and take a break ~ from everything!
2. Schedule a time (at least 10 minutes ~ more is BETTER!) to unplug from everything!
3. Find a quiet place ~ away from everyone and everything where you will not be disturbed.
Just Let that SHIT Go! 
4. Become aware of your breathing ~ try to slow it down. Be still. Close your eyes if you wish.
5. Allow your thoughts to clear out of your mind ~ OR ~ simply acknowledge each thought that enters your awareness, but don’t entertain it ~ just let it pass by
6. This isn’t meditation, though you can make it so if you wish. It’s simply a break from the toxins of technology for a period of time in your daily routine. It’s refreshing and healthy for you!


In Conclusion

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Peace, Love, Light & Blessings ~

Reiki Nurse (Kathi)