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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Wishes 2016

Christmas Moon
My children and grandchildren are priceless. There is nothing more valuable to me than each of their precious lives, their loving hearts and souls. There is nothing monetary or material that either of my children can purchase for me that I could value more than each of them. They are living extensions of my heart & soul ~ and they are precious gifts from the Creator on this Earth plane.

This time of year tends to get me thinking deeply about the value of understanding, compassion and unconditional love. Those values that I hold dear to my heart that should automatically be present in all human beings. Sometimes they get lost or misplaced, but there is something special and wonderful about this time of year that opens our hearts and souls to the wonders of Spirit.

Season of Light
I honor my children, their spouses and their children as much as I honor myself. We are all on Journey's of the Soul and whether or not we are in contact with each other, we shall continue on our individual Journey’s in this Lifetime as it should be. May the Spirit of this Season always remain a bright Light within each and every one of your hearts & Souls.

I’m wishing a very Merry Christmas to my children, grandchildren and the rest of my family & friends!

I wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas!

We are ALL Connected ~ We are ONE.

Peace, Love & Blessings!

Reiki RN