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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Raising the Collective Vibrations

Light & Energy 

Elevation of Negativity

On November 9th, the world watched with a mixture of horror and fear as a large portion (but NOT the MAJORITY!) of America's citizens elected a blatantly hateful, misogynistic, corrupt, angry, xenophobic, bigoted, admitted sexual deviant to the highest position in the nation. People watched in disbelief and utter shock as this person rose amidst the waves (tsunamis) of civil unrest and lawlessness that pervade a once peaceful, once God-fearing nation. The biggest supporters of this hateful demagogue are the so-called ‘evangelical Christians’, which lends to paradigm of him being the 3rd Anti-Christ, as Nostradamus predicted hundreds of years ago.

His ugly, dark persona represents humanity’s collective consciousness, which is
being reflected back to us through him like a huge mirror. We are being forced to see everything that we loathe in him is exactly what we harbor within ourselves. We are the darkness personified in the Anti-Christ behavioral patterns of Donald Trump. ‘Christ’ simply means ‘Light’ and we are all part of the Light ~ yes, even Donald is part of the Whole. We are all connected to one another via the Light/Creator and we are being urged to expose all our darkness to the Light in order to align ourselves with our Christ-Consciousness.

Rise of Seven Deadly Sins 

During the last 18 months or so, the entire world has witnessed, with growing fear and trepidation, the rise of the seven deadly sins in all their blatant and frightening glory: Lust, Greed, Anger, Envy, Pride, Sloth & Covetousness. The seven deadly sins have been elevated, praised and elected to the highest office in the United States through this person. Think about the types of people who are supporting the misaligned energies of Donald Trump: There are people who claim to be aligned with Jesus Christ: The Light of the World. How can one who supports such hatred, such anger and self-righteousness, such xenophobia and misogyny ~ be aligned with Jesus’ teachings? The hateful rhetoric that these supporters spew is the exact antithesis of what Jesus Christ taught us.

We are ALL darkness & Light
Indeed, even someone who doesn’t believe in a Supreme Being can acknowledge that everything negative that embodies this man’s persona is in direct and complete polar opposition to what Jesus taught us. We’ve all learned in Sunday School and CCD classes that Jesus was a gentle, reasonable voice of Love, Tolerance, Acceptance, and Peace during a time when people felt they had no direction or representation. Christ brought love and peace where previously hatred and anger reigned, order where previously disarray and chaos was prominent, and tolerance where previously people judged one another based on merit and material gain.

The mockery of America's deeply embedded, core, humanistic values: peace, liberty, equality, love, and unity for instance, signals the fast approaching shift in consciousness that will be required to quell the tensions and civil unease which currently pervade the nation and indeed, the world. Whether you support this person's rise to power or not, there are some undeniable reasons why he has been elevated to this highest office in the land despite losing the popular vote by nearly three million. 

Brilliance & Light
One reason is clear: Civil unrest. Millions of citizens have been calling for changes within the structural aspects of government for many years. Despite the negativity and hatred that this person represents, Americans saw something in him that set him apart from previous politicians. Perhaps it is the fact that he basically feels free to spew anything he wishes, whether or not it offends entire groups of people, and whether or not it is based in fact. Perhaps it's because he has been able to do anything he pleases, whether illegal, immoral or blatantly unethical and yet, remains unaccountable for his words and his actions. Maybe it’s because his hateful, angry rhetoric mirrors many Americans feelings precisely.

A Collective View 
Collective Consciousness

Whatever the reasons behind his rise to power, despite America’s core values being quashed in the wake of his election, the persona of this man's very being is a giant reflection of our collective consciousness and our collective, unhealthy EGOs (Easing God Out). And yet, this entire process is not about one person. It’s about the entire collective, the whole world, all of humanity. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by blaming or shaming one person, because it’s not about just one person. Humanity is being forced to face its monstrous, collective dark Shadows that resides within each and every one of us, no matter how pious and spiritual. We all have the capacity for darkness, for evil, for negativity. None of us is exempt from both sides of the colloquial coin.

We are being called to face our Shadow selves, our dark sides directly. Within each of us resides a darkness that is inherent and we are all responsible for identifying that inner evil and facing it head on. Only then can we expose it to the Light of Christ Consciousness. Only then can we transform that darkness into light. There are many who will fall by the wayside during these next few years, who will succumb to the hatred, evil, darkness and misaligned energies either by supporting the rhetoric or by denying that it actually exists within our hearts and minds.


Humanity is Awakening  

This is a time to observe, pray, meditate and remove the blinders from our eyes. This is a time to realize that the veil of darkness is lifting and the Light is overcoming the darkness globally. This is the end of the world as we know it, and as we’ve known it to be. There are huge changes coming and humanity is going to experience each and every change individually and collectively.

The Awakening of Humanity is upon us ~ this is the last generation, so to speak. Humanity is being called to transform the hatred in our hearts into the Light of Love, the Light of Christ. If we choose the path of blindness, we are choosing darkness and negativity. We must consciously elevate our vibrations, elevate our Light-filled thoughts, elevate our actions and come from the place of LOVE at our Core to which we all have ownership: Love is all that matters! Let us realize a new world filled with the Christ-Light, Christ-Love and Christ-Peace for all.

Humanity is raising its collective Consciousness in order to raise the entire vibration of Mother Earth. These truths are written upon each an every one of our Souls since the beginning of Time as we know it. 

We are One. We are Love. We are all Connected ~

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