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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The births of my children were the happiest moments in my adult Life. When I think back on how blessed I felt at the very moment of each of my babies' births, I realize that there is no other feeling that I've experienced in my adult Life that can compare to those feelings of deep and abiding unconditional love, heartfelt joy, and perfect peace that I experienced during the entire process of my pregnancies and births of my children. 

The energy of the emotions that surrounded me during those times can not be compared to any other emotions I've ever experienced in my entire Lifetime, not even to the ecstatic feelings felt during the beginnings of a new romantic relationship! When I'm feeling a little melancholy, I access those emotions and everything seems to feel better. I wanted to share this little blurb today because it's the day before Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This is a perfect day to remember and to feel good and, well, thankful for those people who are in your Life. 

Even though there are rifts that probably won't be mended in my family for whatever reasons, I continue to send loving thoughts and healing energy to my loved ones on a daily basis. No day passes without my thinking about my children. That is the way of a mother :) I simply wouldn't have it any other way. True and unconditional love never ceases to be, no matter how much distance there is, emotional or physical. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Peace, Love, and Joy Abides

Reiki RN