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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Wishes for my Children

My lovely children around Christmas 1987 in Las Vegas, NV
When my children were younger (and I was, too!) I wrote many songs and poems for and about them. This is one of those poems, which I penned on Christmas Eve 1994, when they were with their father and his wife at the time. 

The following poem will also be published in my upcoming book, 'Family Sin: My Journey from Victim to Victorious' to be published soon within the next year. 

Christmas Wishes for my Children 
By K. A. Rancourt
(c) 1994 WolfDancer Publishing

Although I am not with you on this holiday of cheer
you're in my thoughts and prayers, dear ones, 
as you have been all year.

The time is passing rapidly, you're growing up, I know
Always I hold you both so near ~ I'll never let you go!

The memories have been carved in gold upon my Heart, so true
Your bright wide eyes, Angel faces ~ Today, I'm missing you!

I held you both inside of me and kept you safe from harm
protected from the outside world ~ Inside me, safe and warm.

Til you decided to reveal your sweet and cherub beings ~
those tiny feet, delicate hands, and high-pitched infant screams.

How beautiful! Two miracles! Your lives inside me grew
The Spirit of the Universe sent me two Angels ~ You!

I wish I could give you the world ~ the heavens, moon, and stars
But on this day ~ and every day ~ in my Soul, here you are.

Words can not begin to show the love I feel for you
As time passes and truth unfolds it'll be revealed to you.

I held you in my arms so close to me ~ so very near
I nurtured both your precious Souls; I quieted your fears.

So, on this day of wondrous Light in my thoughts, you are here
I'll keep you with me constantly through every passing year.

(Merry Christmas to the most wonderful gifts I've ever received ~
My two beautiful children!) 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah

Reiki RN