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Saturday, October 31, 2015

REIKI MOMENTS: Turning Anger Around

There is little one can do to eradicate the emotional pain of another. It's difficult enough to navigate one's own emotional pain, let alone take on the pain of another human being. About a week or so ago, I was thinking about one of my loved one's, and about how many times over the past 8 years or so this person has intentionally lashed out for no apparent reason in an attempt to harm, hurt, or otherwise inflict pain on other members of my family or on me, personally. The hostility of this person's actions and words is usually met by the victim(s) with disbelief, shock, and persistent feelings of doubt about themselves, or about their own actions or words. That is because when my other family members are around this person, they 'walk on eggshells' so to speak, because one never knows whether something that is said or done will be misinterpreted by this person.

The victims of my loved one's hostility will usually query me insistently: "Do you think I did something wrong? Do you think I should have done this or said that instead? Why do you think (that person) is enraged with me? Why do you think (that person) has 'cut me off' again?" Unfortunately, I have no answers at all for anyone. This person's own siblings are dumbfounded, and have no idea what is going on with this person. Sadly, mental health issues run rampant in our family, and this person has been diagnosed professionally with certain mental health issues that do require medication therapy and psychotherapy. But this person continues to deny the fact that medications, in conjunction with consistent therapy, will alleviate the psychoses, pathological behaviors, paranoia, and other symptoms. Regardless of that, this post is not about mental health issues, therefore I digress.

That particular night, I was thinking about this person and about the latest debacle that this person's mind has created; and I felt the familiar burn of anger rising within my Solar Plexus. Rather than giving in to the burning rage, my heart and mind suddenly flipped ~ almost palpably ~ and I found myself within that person's mind.  Simultaneously, my Heart, Soul, and mind instantly felt and experienced that person's fear, self-loathing, doubt, and deep pain within my own being. Suddenly, I understood where all of that person's rage and lashing out comes from. Instantaneously, I felt compassion, love, and deep empathy for that person, rather than anger and rage. My Heart embraced this person in my imagination, and immediately I sent this person healing Reiki Energy overflowing with God's love and warmth. 

It was a validating and loving epiphany that rocked my world to the core. The experience was unlike any I've ever had previously. The entire experience stayed with me for days. Even now, when I think about that person, it is only with love, compassion, and understanding. (Also, some great sadness, as this person means the world to me and always has ~ even though they don't believe it themselves) The love that we are all born with ~ our Core Love, the Universal and Unconditional Love of the Divine ~ spread its wings within my Heart, Soul, and mind that night. 

My Soul soared within the fifth dimensional realm, rather than being stuck and tied completely in 2D realm. Every aspect of my Being expanded, and rather than feeling anger at my loved one for attempting to hurt me once again; my Heart and Soul holds compassionate, loving, and empathetic thoughts and feelings for that person. Reiki Energy has assisted me in lifting the veil that once shrouded this perfect and unconditional love within my Soul. Reiki Energy has facilitated many wondrous things within my Life situations thus far. I am forever grateful to the Creator, the Divine ~ and to the many Reiki Grand Masters, Reiki Angels, Reiki Avatars, and Ascended Beings ... 

Be at Peace, my friends! Love each other, and do your best to refrain from judgement of your brothers and sisters. We all have our own crosses to bear ...

Peace & Love ~ Reiki RN