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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A New Paradigm: FEAR: Facilitate Everything, Always using Reiki

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A very thoughtful and poignant post about fear on my daughter’s social site page one morning catapulted me into considering my own inbred fears, and how I've overcome so many of those fears in my short Lifetime. Fear is not a stranger to anyone on this planet, and its insidious tentacles reach out to us in many ways, gripping our Souls and minds, and rooting in our psyches. Fear comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes; and it can be pervasive, invasive, and totally debilitating. 

It isn't ever easy to change our responses and/or reactions to fear, nor is it easy to identity the emotion behind fear, or become totally aware of it in any given situation. Over the years, I’ve become familiar with many acronyms for the word FEAR; such as ‘Face Everything and Recover’ and ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’, which was another tidbit that prompted me to write this article about Reiki and the term ‘fear’. Additionally, I wanted to create an acronym for our vast Reiki community to discuss fear with our clientele and each other that would have some meaning behind it: Create a new paradigm and a new acronym for the word ‘fear’. I took the word and began playing around with various other words, and came up with this acronym: ‘Facilitate Everything, Always using Reiki’. When Reiki is involved, we can be assured that any outcome will be infused with a vibration that is geared towards our highest good!

As Reiki practitioners and human beings, we must try to remember that nothing is ever truly ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘negative’ or ‘positive’. It is our perception of the illusions that our ego creates, and our EGO (Easing God Out) that labels our Life situations ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘negative’, ‘positive’, etc. We label (judge) our thoughts, situations, actions, and so on, because our ego feels a need to categorize everything, when in reality we are all one with each other, with our situations, and with our thoughts. We are a fear-based race ~ the human race ~ and sometimes others' perceptions, words, and actions can plummet us into a fear-filled vacuum from which it can be difficult to extract ourselves. Reiki can facilitate and ensure a smooth landing, so to speak, when our world appears to be turned upside down in the chaos and fear of certain Life situations.

Our analytical minds tend to over-think our emotional responses to fear. In fact, our analytical minds tend to over-think all of our emotions, rather than simply allowing us to ‘sit’ with those emotions, and observe where they will go, and/or what they will create or become. When we learn to live in our Heart Center ~ live Heart-Centered, rather than Ego-centered ~ fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions are decreased, if not banished altogether. We can utilize the power behind Reiki to clear our hearts of what we perceive as ‘negative’ emotions: anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, etc. It’s not as simple a process as my words tend to make it seem, but it is easy. It is not a concept that can actually be intellectualized, but one that can be felt, or perceived on a ‘feeling’ level. Reiki can help us to determine and discern (or sort out) our old and outmoded thought patterns, and Reiki can also help us to become more feeling-centered (heart-centered) than ego-centered. We can use Reiki healing energy to heal our past, to bless our future, and to remain in the Present. Being present allows us to heal ourselves, and in turn facilitate healing for our clients.

How do we learn to live in our Heart-Center? We simply practice living in the moment, rather than in the past or in the future. Living in the moment takes a lot of practice, and as the saying goes, 'practice makes perfect'. It's commonplace to find oneself in the future or in the past at any given moment of any day. Most of us simply cannot seem to stay present all the time, or even 10%, 20%, or more of the time! Over recent months, I’ve determined that Reiki helps me to maintain more Presence during the day, when I’m surrounded by the various energies of colleagues, strangers, family, or friends.

I’ve always felt most centered and in touch with the Divine when I am out alone in Nature, sitting quietly and simply observing what surrounds me. Excursions on my own, by my Self, allow me to connect to my Divinity within and without, and helps me to connect with my True Self, or Higher Self ~ my Spirit. In this way, I align my Soul with the Divine. Some people call this act ‘Surrender’, but I call it ‘Connecting’. I choose to see that each of us has Divinity within ourselves, and that Divine Spark is what is intricately woven into the very fabric of each organ, tissue, and cell in our physical form. Without the Divine Spark of God, nothing would be made manifest. God is the actual Life within each of us, the Essence of each of us.

When we are fearful, worried, stressed ~ we are most likely living in the Future, and worrying about something that hasn't happened, but that we fear may happen. When we are sad, depressed, angry ~ we are living in the past, remembering what someone said, did, (or didn't do!) and feeling the emotions that surrounded those circumstances. In the moment, in the Present (or the Now) there is nothing but bliss, Love, compassion, and contentment. The Present, the Now, is filled with Love, Bliss, and Serenity, because in the Present, there simply are no problems. If we continue to live in the Past, or the Future, we are not allowing ourselves to be Present. Reiki helps me anchor myself in the Present, even if for short periods or quick ‘glimpses’ of it. If we practice living in the Now, we no longer worry about the future or feel sad or angry about the past. How can we be present if we are also in the past or the future?

It sounds so simple, doesn't it? It takes much more practice and mental focus than one can imagine. The good news is that with practice and diligence, we learn to live in the Now, and be present. And using the power of Reiki to help us stay anchored in the present, we cannot go wrong! We can be free from fear, and its constant nagging, burning pain. When I awaken in the morning, I try to remember to invoke the healing power of Reiki energy, along with my Higher Power, Guides, and Angels, to facilitate my day. None of us need live in FEAR (Face Everything And Recover!) any longer, when we understand the meaning of FEAR (Facilitate Everything, Always using Reiki!) and the power behind the Universal Energy that we’ve been imbued with! Thank you Reiki Grand Masters, Reiki Angels, and Reiki Undines …   Namasté.

Reiki RN