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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


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When I was a little girl, there were so many things that held wonderment for me, and most of those things were found out in Nature. I would spend days alone in the woods building forts from pine boughs, talking to God, and communing with Mother Nature. Sometimes I can remember with such clarity what it was like back then, to be in the woods alone surrounded by Nature. And I remember that I’ve always been a nature lover.
The smells of the Earth, the crisp and pungent scent of pine and Earth, the sounds of dry leaves and small twigs crunching underfoot while exploring for hours on end, the sounds of twinkling brooks and birds gossiping fervently overhead in the trees. Being in the woods was a refuge for me in my young life. I always felt safer in the great outdoors, even safer than I did in my own bed. And strangely enough, I have always felt connected to the Divine, to God, since I can remember. My Soul must have understood that I chose my Life and the lessons required to learn and move forward on my Eternal Journey toward Oneness with the Universe, with the Divine. We are all on individual Journeys, and no matter which road we travel to reach the Great Path to Oneness, we know that all roads eventually lead to the same place ~ Wholeness, Connection to the Divine.

Over the last few years, my psyche, Soul, and heart have been cleared and opened to receive and to give unconditional love to those whom I come into contact with. I’m sure that there are many of you who feel this opening deep within, and can relate to what I am writing about at this moment. Clarity of thought, focus, and a keen sense of Self has come to pass for many of us over the past few years as we are hurled towards the Age of Aquarius with lightening speed. Reiki energy is one of the major tools I’ve utilized during the Ascension process. It calms me when I’m feeling discombobulated, out of touch, and anxious during high transitional periods. Reiki has helped to keep me centered and rooted in my Spirituality during some of the most emotionally chaotic periods.
At this most crucial time in the history of humanity, it is important for us as Reiki healers to strive to be our Authentic Selves. Know thyself: This was the wise counsel written above the doorway at the Temple of Delphi ~ Know Thyself. In remembering who we are, and in knowing ourselves, we can stand strong in our own counsel and inner wisdom. In that way we can help others meet their potential, find their own Inner Light, and bring the Christ-consciousness into their Being.
As Reiki practitioners, no matter what ‘level’ we are, we are consciously choosing to heal ourselves and Humanity. We are consciously choosing to bring the Light of Being into our Self and extend that Light to all those we come into contact with in our daily lives.
With gratitude to all the Reiki Angels, Reiki Grandmasters, Reiki Guides, and Reiki Beings …