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Thursday, February 19, 2015

INTENTIONS: Utilizing Reiki Beyond the Law of Attraction

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Reiki: (pronounced RAY-KEY)

Intentions are like commands to the Universe. What we focus on, think about, and feel is what we create into being. Have you ever really considered that concept? It takes contemplation and a still mind to thoroughly understand and grasp that concept fully. It’s as though one gets short ‘glimpses’ of the reality of this concept at times, and at other times the true meaning is lost in the chaos of our Life situations. Maybe it’s simply a matter of presence, then? Of being present, or being in the Present? Recently, it’s been more evident to many who discuss this concept that it’s actually the powerful emotion along with the thought that creates ones reality. For me, the addition of Reiki energy has inexplicably intensified and blessed the process in recent months.

Over time, some of us have learned that what we think we are or are not, so we become. What we think about wanting, needing, having, so we manifest. All energies (which we have created and commanded to God/Spirit through the power of our own thought patterns and spoken commands, coupled with strong emotion) either manifest or are evident in particular situations in our lives, be they negative or positive. Basically, it's simply the law of karma: What we put forth (intent!), so it is. Or, as printed in the Christian Bible in a letter from Paul to some early Christian groups: “What we sow, so shall we reap” (Galatians 6:7-9).

Now, imagine placing the power of Reiki behind the thought and emotion, to ensure that what is manifested be blessed and ‘infused’ with Reiki energy: the incredible, versatile power of Reiki healing energy! This process, utilizing Reiki energy as a final seal or an energetic tool (prayer!) whilst manifesting enriches and spiritually charges the specific manifestation or creation being brought about.

With every thought, word, and action, be they negative or positive, we are creating our futures. This concept seems to be a difficult one to grasp for so many of us.  It has taken some of us many years and focus to figure out that what we allow ourselves to think, dream, and/or speak manifests in the physical world, time and again. This is what is called in physics 'The Law of Attraction'. What we sometimes fail to realize is that until we come to understand the power of our thoughts (they are energy, and energy does not die-that's simple physics!) we will continue to feel powerless in creating our own lives. We need to realize that it’s not simply the thought that creates our reality; it’s the thought coupled with powerful emotional responses (or reactions!) that creates our reality. When we create our reality, and add the healing and powerful energy of Reiki (infusing our creations with the Blessed Reiki symbols) it’s like putting the icing on the cake: Sweet emotion! (To quote Aerosmith’s 1975 hit) The emotion behind the thought pushes our manifested realities into Being.

When we learn to accept responsibility for our own lives, happiness, misery, etc., and begin to realize that there is no one and nothing outside of ourselves responsible for making our lives happier, more fulfilling ~ no one but our Selves! ~ We feel empowered. Ego (stinkin’ thinkin’!) attempts to create obstacles to allowing us the glimpses of Life free from negativity, or anchors, which weigh us down on our Life path, and prevent us from moving forward. When we get stuck in ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ (our EGO) we need to find a way to become free of thought once again. We can do this in many ways, such as using meditation, prayer, stillness, imagination, writing, singing, etc. as a vehicle of self-expression. When we let go of our ego Self and allow the Light in, we feel freer to express our true Self, our true Spirit.

The core of our very being is God; and God is brilliant and unconditional love ~ Love in its purest form. Even though many of us have merely caught glimpses of ‘knowing’ in regards to creating our realities, this does not prevent us from infusing our Lives with healing, powerful Reiki. Many of us have been using Reiki as a healing facilitator for others, while neglecting our Self. If we want to be an instrument in helping to heal Humanity, we first need to begin the process of healing ourselves. We can start by becoming more aware of ourselves and our words, thoughts, and actions; and then expanding to become an observer of our minds and intentions.

When we become more aware of ourselves and what we may or may not be creating in our own Life situations, the awareness is all we need to begin contemplating what we wish to change (or create) in our lives. If we are simply willing to be more open and aware, that willingness is key in opening to more awareness. Simply by being willing to be open, one can become more aware. Reiki can help us become more observant, more aware, and more forgiving on our Journey. Reiki is such incredibly powerful and healing energy! Even though it is not required to change our lives, or to create our realities, it remains an exemplary and versatile tool for my own personal development thus far.

For me personally, utilizing Reiki enhances every experience, and helps me remain focused on goodness, and positive things. Reiki has been ~ and is ~ a most compassionate, healing, and constant companion on my continuing Life Journey. That is not to say that I am a perfect, pious, and loving human being. I am certainly not! I am a fallible human being, and imperfect in all areas of my Life! But I strive to remain focused on healing my Self, improving my Self, and becoming more my True Self each day. Inner change is a process, after all, not an event!

Divine Reiki Blessings to all.

Reiki Nurse