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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Universal Law Series: 6 The Law of Compensation

6 - The Law of Compensation: "We are compensated for each and every action we take, every deed we do. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships, and blessings ..."

This Universal Law can be likened to the Karmic rule: What we give out comes back to us 10-fold. It may not be instantaneous, but it comes back at some point on our Journey. It's difficult to stay aware of our thoughts, words, and actions, but not impossible! We needn't stress out about it, just allow ourselves to be in the world and not OF the world, as Jesus taught us so many years ago.

As we practice remaining aware of our every thought, we become more attuned and in-tune with the rhythms of our own lives, and Life as it unfolds around us. As we create our circumstances with our thoughts, words, and actions, we are either adding to the energetic vibrations that surround us or subtracting from them. It truly is our choice, and Life truly is a product of our own creations.

We weave the pattern of our lives, we are responsible for our personal happiness .... or not. We are responsible for our actions, our thoughts, our words. What we add to the energy matrix of Life comes back to us, and we are compensated in turn BY the Universe. It's not impossible to become and remain aware of our own thoughts and energetic patterns, but it is difficult and it does take much work and personal introspection. We must learn to be responsible and accountable for our own words, thoughts, actions, deeds. We must take responsibility for the happiness or misery that we create and perpetuate within our being, and outside of ourselves when we are with others.

The most difficult times that I have in remaining aware of what I'm thinking and saying are the times that I am surrounded with my family of origin, my close friends, and/or my spouse.

It's truly easier to interact with strangers, and remain aware of my thoughts, words, and especially of my actions when I'm with strangers. For one, my human emotions are seldom triggered by strangers and I find it easier to remain objective around those I don't share an emotional bond with. When interacting with loved ones, it is most difficult to remain objective. But I know I must remain aware in order to stay the course on my individual Journey ...

Blessings & Peace ~

Reiki Nurse