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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Moon, Ishtar, & Other Things ...

Since I was a young child, I've been a night sky watcher. The Moon has always intrigued me .... when I was small, the adults around me had no idea that the Moon poured feminine energy onto Mother Earth. Neither did I, for that matter ... I learned it as I got older.

The adults around me would tell me that there was a 'man in the Moon' and that I could see it, if I looked closely enough. To this day, I've imagined seeing a face on the Moon when I've contemplated Her beauty in the night skies. But the Moon is Yin, Feminine, and associated with the ancient Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar. On one of my journey's from San Diego, CA to Augusta, ME back in the late 1990's, I was traveling with a friend who wanted to stop in several places we'd never visited. We first stopped in Sedona, AZ, where we stayed and explored for 2 days and nights. Sedona was absolutely gorgeous, and I proceeded to have numerous spiritual experiences whilst staying there.
One of the New Age shops in Sedona, AZ that we visited in 1997

From there, we moved on to Taos, NM. What a lovely town it is! Surrounded by mountains and absolutely perfect, we ended up being there on New Year's Eve 1997. That night the Moon was bright, and while sleeping in my hotel room I was awakened by a disembodied voice saying one word: 'Ishtar!' Strangely, my traveling partner was sound asleep in the other bed and there was no one else in the room. It was an eerie experience, and I vowed to find out what 'Ishtar' was, as at that time I'd not heard it previously.

Cathedral Rock in Sedona: This tree has Spirit.
As it turned out, I found that Ishtar was the name of an ancient Mesopotamian Goddess, who ruled the Moon and Love/Sex. Mesopotamia was what is now Iran and Iraq. So, that was an experience that didn't surprise me. From that moment on, when I would see the bright, pregnant Moon in the night skies, I would utter the name of the Goddess Ishtar. It became automatic for me.

The Moon has many associations with magickal and spiritual incidences in various cultures since the beginning of recorded history. Now, I've lost the reasons behind I began this post in the first place so I'll sign off.

Peace & Blessings, my friends!

Reiki Nurse