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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Universal Law Series: 2. The Law of Vibration

Universal Law #2 ~ The Law of Vibration
"Basically, this is simple physics. This law states that every single thing in our universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular motions. Everything has it’s own vibrational frequency: sounds, colors, thoughts, words, even things that are not alive have a vibrational frequency.  Your vibration will attract like vibrations to you, like a magnet."
We are made up of Energy, and we attract to ourselves what we are: Like minded Souls. If we, consciously or unconsciously,  consistently put out negative vibrations, we will attract to ourselves people and things that promote negativity. Alternatively, if we are consistently aware of our thoughts and words, and choose to remain positive and think positive, we will attract to ourselves that and those who emanate positivity. It truly is as simple as that.
This Universal Law is simple, and yet as with all the Universal Laws it is paradoxical and may operate through a reversal, or sorts. It is our responsibility alone to remain aware of our every thought, our every word, and our every action. We may react, because we are Human. We may slip into negativity, because we are Human. We may act unkindly, because we are Human. This is NOT about being perfect, as perfection in our current incarnation and realm is unattainable. None of us are perfect, and nothing is perfect in this plane of Being. Perfection is our Soul, our Center, our Spirit. But we have chosen to be Human here on this plane, and no Human Being is perfect. 

The Law of Vibration allows us to vibrate (or not) at a level of Being that suits our state of Humanness at this very moment. We reflect outwardly what our Inner Self is: If we are shining brightly within our Heart and Soul Center, that Light reflects outwardly to all of Humankind. This Universal Law simply states that 'we are what we think' or 'what we 
think, we become'. 

In the hope that this clarifies Universal Law #2 for you, I leave you all with many Blessings and Light!

Until next time ~

Reiki Nurse