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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Changes ...

Art Work by Trista Elwell
Back in 1999, prior to the turn of the Millennium, I was suffering within a deep depressive state of unknown origin. The darkness lasted for about 9 months, and during that time I pushed myself to move forward, one step at a time.

I'd been working on my childhood issues for many years, and perhaps it was a combination of that and the everyday stressors of being a single Mom of two young people with very little income, but whatever the reason, it was a virtually debilitating depressive state in which I felt totally abandoned and unsupported by my family of origin and my friends. Perhaps that was not the case, but that is how I perceived everything at the time.

During that time, a Spiritual teacher of sorts opened my eyes to an esoteric reason for that long, drawn out depressive period in my Life. She explained: "What you may be going through is called a Spiritual Winter. Many of us go through these periods when we feel disconnected from Spirit, and from everyone. We feel depressed and withdrawn, and we isolate from society. Hang on, dear one, because at the end of dark tunnel you will be a changed being!"

Interestingly enough, following that darkness I was catapulted into the 21st Century on a bright light, and many blessings were showered on me instantaneously. It was as though a veil was lifted from my eyes, and I could see Life and situations clearly for the first time. Filled with renewed hope for the future, I went about my daily living with determination and tenacity from that day forward.

Flash forward to 14 years later: I have a good relationship that I've been in for nearly 11 years,  a new profession (my Life's dream!), a new Life, renewed faith in the Divine that resides within all of us and in the Universe, and a new paradigm. Most importantly, I love and respect myself more than ever in this Lifetime, and I strive day to day to make myself better by looking introspectively continually. Everything has changed for me in a few short years, and I've come into my Authentic Self at last. I do not allow the attitudes and perceptions of others to affect me to the point of self-denigration, nor do I allow others' psychic darts or negativity to permeate my Being any longer.

In an attempt to make the world - my world, my children's world - a better place for all to reside in, I strive to make myself a better person, to change within myself that which does not correlate with goodness, light, and love, and to let go of that which does not serve the higher good of all beings in my Life. I make firm decisions to disengage from those who attempt to create negative dramas and instill fear and uncertainty, and I strive to love compassionately those whose opinions and beliefs diametrically oppose my own.

After all, it's all about Love and Compassion, is it not?

Remember: Only YOU can make it a GREAT day! Make it a GREAT DAY!

Until next time ~
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