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Monday, October 7, 2013

Universal Law Series: 3. The Law of Action

3 ~ The Law of Action ~

"Remember this from high school physics: Every action has an equal reaction? This law states that we are the creators of our realities. In order to manifest in our lives what we desire, we must engage in actions which support our desires.  All of our thoughts, words, dreams, and emotions must be in alignment with each other."

How many times have you said to yourself: "Oh, nothing ever changes." "It is what it is." "I always get the short end of the stick." How many of us truly understand The Law of Action? If we are the creators of our realities, we need to fully understand The Law of Action, and its consequences. 

We can say "There is abundance in the Universe" all we want to, but if our thoughts are limited, for example if we think "I can never get ahead." "I'm so broke." "I  really need to make more money." then we may as well be doing nothing at all. 

We have to remain constantly and consistently vigilante over every thought, word, and action that comes into our awareness AND our subconscious. This is about being constantly vigilante over every thought we ever think. Always. 

Each of our thoughts, words, and actions must all be in alignment one with the other at all times. As we continue to meditate and pray for understanding, and as we strive to be more aware and more fully responsible to ourselves and everyone for our own actions, words, and thoughts it does get easier. As with all the Universal Laws, this one operates at times in reversal. We must remember that action sometimes PRECEDES understanding in many Spiritual endeavors. 

Beyond simply 'thinking' or 'imagining' what it is we desire, there are steps that are required - action steps, so to speak - to reach our goals, dreams, and desires. The Law of Action requires us to take responsibility, to empower ourselves, to create and manifest our desires in the physical world. We go one step further from the steps we take with The Law of Attraction when we utilize The Law of Action: We don't simply imagine, we take action steps towards what it is we imagine and/or desire in our lives. We actually WORK to bring about (manifest) our dreams and desires into reality. 

Do these steps sound challenging to you? That's because they are challenging. In order to manifest, there is action required. Remember that each step is an action step. We are all blessed and filled with the Divine, and we are all connected!

Blessings, Light, and Love ~

Reiki Nurse