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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Universal Law Series: 4. The Law of Correspondence

4 ~ The Law of Correspondence

"In our Universe, on our physical plane of existence everything has a corresponding principle attached to it. Energy, Vibration, Light, Motion … they all have corresponding principles attached. As Above, so Below …"

There is so much misunderstanding within the complexity of this Universal Law. The statement "As above, so Below" is an ubiquitous one, in that it has been quoted and parroted by many of us for eons. It's an Hermetic axiom that many of us repeat without a true understanding of its meaning. This axiom refers to two distinct concepts. The first concept it refers to is that what we experience within, we create (or manifest) without. In this way, this Universal Law ties into the preceding ones and fits correctly in its place. We are constantly creating and manifesting our own realities through the attitudes we hold true, the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the actions we take. We are only responsible for our own thoughts, words, attitudes, actions and no one else's. 

We create our lives, our futures, our presents ... we are solely responsible to ourselves. Sound convoluted? It probably is, but it all ties into the Big Picture. We must be responsible for our own reality, our own Selves. We are the Divine, the Divine is in each of us. It is our personal responsibility to finely hone our own Spiritual path, our own 'rightness' with the Divine, our own Christ-centered lives. We are responsible for the raising of our own Christ-consciousness, for our words, actions, thoughts. 

The second concept it refers to is the polarity within our Universe: that for every force, action, concept there is an equal force/action/concept, and each balances the other. There is a balance (yin/yang, feminine/masculine, light/dark, etc) within the Universe and there must be balance within ourselves, as well. Perhaps it's all much easier than it seems, and when we finally release our Earthly bodies and return to Spirit, it will all be much easier to comprehend than it is on this plane of existence. As humans, we tend to over think and over analyze everything. But that is the gist of what Universal Law #4 is in my realm. I hope this explanation hasn't further confused anyone!

Blessings to All ~

Reiki Nurse