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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Energy is Alive!

It isn't every day that an RN walks into a patient's room with the intention of using Reiki energy to facilitate healing. But then again, I'm no ordinary RN. I was led to the healing professions many, many Moons ago, when I was a child of around 4 years young. That was around the time I realized my favorite aunt and godmother was an RN, and that she selflessly gave of herself to her patients every single day!

I so wanted to be like my aunt, who, even though she struggled with her own personal demons from a childhood wrought with dark shadows, chose to become a healing professional and worked her way through school at St. Joseph's College in a small New England state way back in the early 1960's.

I'm really not sure where I'm going with this post today. I suppose I wanted to reiterate to myself ~ and to my patients ~ that I seldom do anything medically that isn't preceded with or followed by facilitation and/or dissemination of healing Reiki energy.

I know that we are made up of energy, our energy centers are scattered throughout our physical bodies, but they do not make up our physical bodies. Our ethereal body is our Spirit, our Energy Field, and it is static and ever-changing in color, vibration, and frequency! When we allow our Spirit to soar, to expand ...we allow our vibrations to rise. When we love one another, we allow our vibrations to rise. When we are kind to everyone, we allow our vibrations to rise. When we care for our Self, for others, and for Mother Earth, we allow our vibrations to rise. When we show kindness to all our sisters and brothers, and not just to those we love, we allow our vibrations to rise.

Live in Light, Peace, and Joy, my friends ~

Reiki Nurse