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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Intentions ...

Intentions are like commands to the Universe. What we focus on and think about is what we create into being. 

Over time, some of us have learned that what we think we are or are not, so we become. What we think about wanting, needing, having, so we manifest. All past energies that we created and commanded to God/Spirit through the power of our own thought patterns and spoken commands either manifest and are created within our realms, be they negative or positive. Basically, it's simply the law of karma: What we put forth (intent!), so we become. Or, as printed in the Christian Bible in a letter from Paul to some early Christian groups: What we sow, so shall we reap (Galatians 6:7-9). 

With every thought, word, and action, be those thoughts or words negative or positive, we are creating our futures. This concept seems to be a difficult one to grasp for so many of us.  It has taken some of us many years and focus to figure out that what we allow ourselves to THINK, DREAM, and SPEAK manifests in the physical world time and again. This is what is called in physics 'The Law of Attraction'. What we sometimes fail to realize is that until we come to understand the power of our thoughts (they are energy, and energy does not die-that's simple physics!) we will continue to feel powerless in creating our own lives. 

These are simply some thoughts or ideas on how it is we create our realities, our situations, our lives. When we learn to accept responsibility for our own lives, and begin to realize that there is no one or nothing outside of ourselves that we require to make our lives what we dreamt it could be, we feel empowered. When we let go of our ego Self (Easing God Out) and allow the Light in, we can feel freer to express our true Self, our true Spirit.

Blessings, Light, Peace, my friends ~
Take a few minutes to view this short video from scientist Gregg Braden in regard to The Law of Attraction: