Tuesday, May 12, 2020

From 3D to 5D ~ Challenges Reiki People Face (Part I)

This article was first published in September 2019 in Reiki Rays

One of my six siblings has been staying with me for a while. It’s been challenging, to say the least, as many of the old dysfunctional ways of seeing and doing things has arisen and been triggered during this visit. It’s not been unbearable, but it has been challenging and scary for others who witness the chaos at times.
I’ve been working on letting go of the old, dysfunctional ways of dealing with things over the past few years. This current period of time has been wonderful in that it has helped me recognize that I’m not alone in the dysfunctional ways of being, doing or communicating that were part of my old Self, part of the old way that must be released in order to move into the 5th Dimension, to shift in vibration from 3D to 5D.

My sibling is reflecting to me exactly who I am, have been and believed myself to be most of my Life in this incarnation. My sibling is reflecting my old ways of thinking, doing and communicating. Being with my sibling day after day is teaching and revealing to me what it is that I still need to work on within myself. It is helping me to become even more keenly aware so that I can change the old behaviors ~ shift my vibration up and become more aligned with my Higher and Authentic Self.
I’ve been stuck in this way of being for an entire Lifetime, perhaps for many Lifetimes, and it’s not working in the New Earth way of being any longer. It’s time to shift my consciousness up and out of the old rigid and judgmental way of being. It’s time to shift my Consciousness from the old, draconian and burdensome ways of thinking and doing, to the new, galactic and lighter way of Being. I need to realize that nothing (no thing) is permanent in this way of Being. Everything is simply as it is.
These are the lessons that many of us are facing in this time of great change and spiritual shifts. If you haven’t been experiencing these changes in your thinking or consciousness, you may be experiencing rapid changes in your personal realm, in your relationships, careers or your Life in general. It may seem that everything is moving faster and faster in your Life.
Maybe you’ve noticed that people are falling out of your Life more rapidly. Movement is happening all around. Things are changing, people are coming and going more quickly, situations are rapidly shifting. What you once thought about ‘stability’ may be breaking down more rapidly than you care to realize. And you may be resisting Life changes and clinging to the ‘old’ as though it’s a life raft in the midst of the Atlantic.
Lessons in letting go are all around us at this time on Mother Earth. Gaia is shifting and changing, and so we are caught up in her awakening. Our Mother is raising her vibrations and we have no control over anything that Mother Earth and Mother Nature puts forth. The shifts are happening all around us, if you haven’t noticed yet. Just take a look around at the increased frequencies of volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves and other extreme earth and weather conditions around us over the past 10 years or so. And whilst our Mother shakes off the old and outmoded, Humanity is aligning and awakening and preparing to follow suit.
There is movement all around us. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that ~ nor does it take a psychic to notice the shifts and subtle (and not so subtle!) changes in our own personal spaces. Movement is imperative! Reiki Energy can help soothe and heal your Soul and calm your mind when things are feeling unstable and chaotic. Reiki Energy is like a huge, weighted blanket that calms, soothes and quiets the chaos and releases the tension.
Wrap yourself in a huge does of Reiki Energy when you settle down before sleep tonight. I promise that if you’ve neglected to use Self-Reiki and Self-Healing for yourself of late, you will be pleasantly amazed at how perfect and peaceful you will sleep after serving up a huge dose of Self-Reiki.
The 2nd part of this two-part article series will be forthcoming very soon! In that portion of the article, we’ll discuss the challenges of EGO on our shifting vibrations.
Blessings, Light & Love to All ~
Reiki Nurse 
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