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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Intricate Presence of Reiki


Reiki Energy is a refuge for many practitioners

Reiki Energy: A Spiritual Tool

By now, we may all be able (or willing) to agree that Reiki is a form of energy work that is described by practitioners and clients alike as healing, soothing, gentle, intelligently designed and, let’s face it, amazing! Every single day I strive to think about, meditate on or practice Reiki in my daily Life. I fall short often, but on the days that I feel spot on energetically, everything else falls into place nicely. Synchronicity. I love when it happens! 

When I’m on my game, not only do benefit, but everyone around me benefits, as well.  Those are the days I’m more aware of Presence. I often wonder how many Reiki practitioners over the years have achieved enlightenment or reached higher conscious through utilizing Reiki as part of their spiritual practice

When I was initially introduced to Reiki Energy, I held it in the highest esteem and felt Reiki was something one uses only in therapeutic settings. What I mean by that is I treated Reiki as though it was separate from me, the person. Clearly, I revered its divinely guided intelligence; yet, I seldom called upon it, unless it was for someone else’s benefit. I rarely, if ever, thought about using Reiki on a daily basis like people do with prayer, mantras, chanting or meditation.

I was virtually clueless as to how to apply Reiki using it as a spiritual tool. I did not realize that its powerful, cosmic energy could be exceptional in helping myself, my plants, my pets, my children or even my vehicles flourish.

Presently for me, Reiki Energy is like an American Express™ card: I never leave home without it. Reiki is an extension of me and has become an aspect of me in many ways. As time has passed, my energy signature has intertwined with Reiki, much like those model strands of DNA we see in science journals. Reiki energy is the powerful, gentle wizard of wellness that I carry close to my heart and soul. It’s my half-full glass of Life giving water, my lush and loving oasis in the arid, scorching desert of Life.

Reiki Evolution

How did it happen that Reiki became one of the Life saving devices I cling to on a daily basis, much like the Supreme Intelligence (God) and spirituality? How did Reiki become my companion, colleague and caregiver ~ what I like to call the 3C’s? When I was initially attuned in the 1STand 2ND degrees of Usui Shiki Ryoho, my Reiki Sensei explained Reiki energy and it’s origins to me thoroughly. 

Each Energy Center in our body correlates with
specific organs & functions
I learned about its powerful essence and was Attuned in Reiki in the old method, which is to say very little information was written down for me. My lessons were mostly ‘word of mouth’, although my Sensei did provide us with her version of ‘Cliff Notes’, which helped me immensely when I energy more frequently.
began to work with the

I sought other Reiki practitioners in my area, but at the time they were few and far between in a small town in Maine. When I did meet others with whom I could share Reiki, we’d meet once or twice with big ideas and plans to ‘start a community support group for Reiki practitioners’. Our ideas, like our meetings, dwindled over time what with Life happening all around us. I was a single mother raising my preteen children virtually alone. I also worked full time as a mental health practitioner. Free time was a luxury that at that point in my Life felt light years away.

Today, over twenty years later, my connection with Reiki healing energy is the anchor that keeps me connected to Mother Earth as I explore higher realms of Consciousness. Today, the Reiki Principles apply wholly to my every day Life. Reiki keeps me grounded and connected to Mother Earth. I’m eternally grateful that Reiki sought me out in this incarnation and connected once again with my soul.

Bright Reiki Blessings to All!

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