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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Letting Go Doesn't Mean Giving Up or Forgetting ...


I'm changing how I think and therefore it changes ...

... how I feel about any given situation. Sure, I get frustrated and angry (when my Ego fears loss of illusory control), but I remain aware of how unhealthy it is to hold on to anger. When I spread kindness and love towards others, I am aware that I'm living within my spiritual parameters. When I humbly apologize for my part in the psychodramas that occur in some of my daily Life situations, I'm letting go of the hurt, the pain and the reasons behind why I reacted in the first place.

Let it go! Holding on isn't our 'friend' nor does it add up to positive living or a positive outlook ~ holding on tightly creates a type of resistance that over time can damage our cells or organs. When there is an imbalance in the energetic body (aura), over time it will wear down the emotional/mental body and eventually the physical. That kind of toxicity needs to be transmuted (changed). The toxicity can be transmuted  through a process that brings the toxicity ~ the strong feelings/emotions that are attached to specific situations from your past ~ to the surface of our subconscious minds where all can be healed. There are so many instances that tend to trigger the specific emotional reactions that are attached to past experiences. It's important to identify and let go of those toxicities.

We Create That Which We Surround Ourselves With 

If I hold on to anger and/or resentment, I'm allowing the behaviors of others to control my emotions and, indeed, my entire emotional/spiritual Life. If I hold on to anger and/or resentments, I'm allowing toxicity to fester within my energetic body ~ my Light Body ~ my spiritual aura, where it will eventually wreak havoc on my cells and organs. Our toxic emotions create energies in the matrix of Life ~ energies that are less than filled with Light, opaque and muddy, dark and chaotic ~ and those energies can only be transmuted when they're exposed to the Light of Consciousness.

This is the main reason that forgiveness is paramount if one is to live a spiritual Life. Not only forgiveness of others, but even more importantly forgiveness of our own Self.  If we hold on to resentments towards others whom we perrcieve have hurt us in some way, we are not hurting that person in the least. We are simply hurting our own spirits and stunting our own spiritual growth. How can we move past the obstacles of anger, fear, or resentment if we haven't yet learned to let go of those emotions and completely forgive?

Letting Go

This post is about letting go. Some people are under the false assumption that letting go means 'forgetting' or 'putting an end to something or someone'. For instance, a friend of mine thought when I was discussing letting go of my Soulmate who had just transitioned from this Life that it meant I was going to part with everything he'd ever meant to me and/or forget about him completely. Letting go does not mean giving up or giving away.

Letting go is a mental process ~ for me, it means letting go of illusions surrounding a situation. Letting go is a process, but it's not something that renders the situation or person we're letting go of invisible. Au contraire! There is a certain inner strength with letting go of something that no longer serves our highest good. When I let go of a person after they've passed, I'm letting go of the sadness, the grief, any resentments that were attached to situations involving that person. There's an inner strength in learning to let go ~ of outcomes, situations, feelings. Simply allowing things to BE is a form of letting go. In allowing the present moment to BE, we are letting go of desired outcomes and 'going with the flow' so to speak.

I think we all can learn to let go of the things that no longer serve our highest good.

Peace, Love & Light to All ~

Reiki Nurse
Peace, Love & Light