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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Opening to Christ-Conscious Energies

What does the word "Christ" mean? 

The Meaning of Christ

Christ. I was taught in my own Christian upbringing that Christ means 'light'. I was taught that Christ was Light. Jesus was His first name. Christ was His surname. That's okay.

I was taught that an aura (the sometimes visible to the naked eye glow or lightness surrounding living things) is called a 'halo'. Imagine my surprise and slight embarrassment when, many years down the road I pointed out to one of my spiritual teachers that the people in the painting we were marveling at had 'halos' around their heads.

Kayla chuckled quietly and without judgment. And responded with this:

"Well, they're like halos ~ they represent the individuals' aura. His or her essence or Soul."

The word Christ comes from the Greek word "christos" meaning 'anointed one'. If you follow the link placed below the photograph to the left, you can read the entire explanation from a Christian viewpoint. (Naturally, there are many other perspectives on this concept, but I'm offering the Christian perspective, because that's the one I'm most familiar with.)

The concept of a Messiah, an Anointed One, a Savior, if you will is not exclusive to Christianity, either. Many religious philosophies teach that an enlightened being, a Master of sorts, will bring Light, Love and Consciousness to a world being manifested through chaos, greed and desperation. Why did I choose the words 'being manifested' in the previous sentence? Because that is exactly what the world around us is. Each of us creates our own existence with our thoughts and our conditioned and non-conditioned beliefs. What are the differences between conditioned and non-conditioned beliefs, you inquire? Let me explain, in a nutshell.

Conditioned Beliefs

Conditioned beliefs are the ones we grew up believing. because our experiences, parents, teachers, society as a whole ~ believed those conditioned beliefs wholeheartedly and in turn, we took them on through the process of osmosis. Their beliefs were placed upon us as we merged with society's way of believing and thinking about certain things and situations. Conditioned beliefs can be changed, like all beliefs, as we become more emotionally intelligent and mature.

Non-Conditioned Beliefs

Non-conditioned beliefs are those beliefs we've picked up along our path in Life that we hold dear. These beliefs are usually of our own making, our own perceptions of the things we've experienced on our individual paths. Non-conditioned beliefs can also be changed as we grow and mature, spiritually.
Christ Consciousness revealed ...

The Moment of Awakening

At the precise moment of awakening, the moment in the morning right before you open your eyes to start your day, there is a source of power in that particular moment that needs to be utilized. It is in that precise auspicious moment when you have the innate power to create your entire day. You can create a wonderful experience to build upon or you can create a chaotic mess. It is truly up to you. 

At that precise moment when you awaken, tap into the collective Christ-consciousness ~ the awakened Light, the anointed One, Unconditional Love ~ and speak your power, your truth. "My day is filled with surprises, miracles and love!" or, alternatively, "This is gonna be a great day!" If you choose a less optimistic path, you could say: "This day is gonna suck!" But would you really want to start your day built upon that statement? 

Simple words, whether or not you believe them in the moment, can create your day to be wonderful ~ or not. When a person awakens with bitterness, sadness, anger, resentments or conflicts on his or her heart and soul, he or she creates a cesspool of misaligned energies rather than clear, balanced powerful lightness. Sometimes, like during the grieving process of a loved one's passing, we don't even wish to awaken with joy, love and awareness. It's okay. We're human beings. We need to allow ourselves time for grief, just as we need to allow ourselves time to rejoice. If we didn't have misaligned energies in this existence, we'd not have balanced energies, either. It truly takes one reality to know the other.

Christ-Consciousness & Other Energies

If we find a need to label the energies ~ good or bad, negative or positive, dark or light ~ we aren't allowing the energies to simply BE, to simply exist. We're attempting to categorize, control and manipulate, to package and wrap it all up in a neat and tidy box. Like the simply physics rule, energy can neither be created or destroyed ~ it's physics. Energy simply IS. Christ-Conscious energy is highly vibrational, spirited (no pun intended) energy that sizzles with excitement and Life force. We are all privy to this perfect energy, the high vibrations of Christ-Conscious Energy ~ there is no need for us to do or say anything, the energy is available to anyone at anytime. There are simple exercises we can do to connect with the Christ-Consciousness that is currently infiltrating and surrounding Mother Earth. I'll outline one now ...
Meditate on the Light

Simple Meditation to Open to Christ~Energy

Simply sit in a comfortable position with feet flat on the floor. You can light a candle, incense, anything that might help you to attain a relaxed state of mind. Relax into your body, focus on your breathing. With every intake of breath, count to three slowly. With every outtake of breath, count to three slowly. Become one with your breathing and no matter what thoughts come into your head simply allow them to be. Notice the thoughts, but don't focus on the them  ~  simply let them hover there ~ just observe. Continue focusing on your breath.

Imagine your Crown Chakra at the top of your head: It's glowing, pulsating White Light (the color of the Crown Chakra is associated with White) reaching ever upward to connect with the Creator's Light. Imagine the White Light, the Golden Shower of God's Light hands pouring down from the heaven's and into your Crown Chakra. Imagine the Light of the Creator, the Universe pouring steadily and freely into your Crown Chakra and filling your very physical form with Light and Lightness. Imagine the White Light of the Creator aligning itself to your other Chakras, straight through from Crown to Root Chakra, connecting and aligning your Chakras with its powerful healing light. 

These are the Christed Energies ~ the Christ Consciousness. Let your physical form be filled to overflowing with the bright, white light of God. Revel in that Light for however long you can hold it within. Let the Light permeate every cell, every neuron, every fiber of your entire Being. Sit quietly with the Light until your Consciousness feels it's time to come back to reality. 

When you complete this meditation, ground yourself by holding a chunk of hematite in your left hand and/or putting a tiny bit of salt on your tongue. Grounding your energy back to Mother Earth after mediation is important. If you're feeling dizzy or lightheaded from this meditation, don't be concerned. It happens and isn't anything to be concerned about. 


If you practice the preceding meditation as often as possible (try daily for 10 minutes at first and then increase if you wish) your physical form will begin to open to the Christed energies. These Light energies are powerful and Life changing! Don't be surprised when people and situations around you begin to change and sometimes fade out of your Life permanently ~ things and people that no longer support your continued growth and expansion will begin to fade away and you will begin to feel more connected to humanity than ever before. Opening to Christ Consciousness is an ever-changing, ever-expanding process that once set into motion will not cease ~ it continues on ...

Let Your Love Light Shine! 

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Peace, Love & Light ~

Reiki Nurse