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Friday, October 20, 2017

Finding Stillness in the midst of Chaos

The 'Observing Presence' or 'Witnessing Presence' (Higher Self)
behind the mind (Ego)

The Witnessing Presence

What happens when you turn the lights off at night and lay your head down on your pillow? Does your mind begin chattering aimlessly? Are there images that flicker incessantly behind your eyelids, like someone flipping through  channels inside your mind? How does one meditate effectively with so much psychological and mental pollution flitting about? Is there an effective way to shut off the noise and allow the stillness to envelop you?

Through the years and with practice, becoming the 'witnessing presence' of our minds (egos) is possible. Many philosophies teach various versions of the witnessing presence, the 'higher self', 'consciousness', 'light body', and so on. Modern day spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle discusses the witnessing presence in his book "The Power of Now" concisely and extensively. The Witnessing Presence is our higher self, our higher consciousness whose neutrality silences the mindless, incessant chatter of our Ego-ic Mind. We can learn to simply observe our ego mind as the witnessing presence without judgment, without critique.

Quieting the Mind

Humans tend to over think, over analyze, over process and over exaggerate. It's an affliction of the mind, the ego. The ego is constantly threatened with annihilation, so it clings to conditioned thinking with a ferocious, white-knuckled grip. It's not easy to let go of all the extraneous garbage that clogs up our mindscape (I just made that word up ~ LOL!) and sometimes renders us immobile, because fear (anxiety) is debilitating if we allow it to be. 

Something that has helped me in the past is during the act of meditation, I'll simply allow my thoughts to come in without judging them or giving them an audience. I allow the thoughts to come into my mind, acknowledge them and don't give them any more time or energy than that. If it seems my mind is running away with my thoughts, I will bring my attention back to my breathing. I'll focus on each inhalation of breath deep into my lungs, as well as each exhalation through my lips. Calm and relaxed. Calm and relaxed. 

Simply allow your thoughts to BE
In that way, my mind becomes quiet one thought at a time. There are other ways to quiet the mind, as well. But that is the way that I've found most effective while in the midst of meditation or while preparing to meditate.

I teach meditation to those who have anxiety issues, bipolar disorder, PTSD and other mental health issues, because it helps them to relax, to expand their consciousness, and to ease their unwarranted fears and anxieties. It's a most effective remedy for those who are interested in quieting their minds naturally without using drugs, chemicals or any other extraneous or unhealthy methods.

It's taken me many years to harness the act of meditation to its most effective and fullest. But meditation has changed my Life dramatically. If you're a non-believer, one who thinks he or she cannot meditate or who thinks you cannot let go of anxiety without the use of pills, chemicals or other unhealthy means, continue doing what you've been doing, by all means.

When you're tired of living as you have been, beating your head against the brick wall over and over and expecting different results ~ perhaps you'll seek out a person who can help you learn to meditate.

The ONLY guarantee I can offer to you is this: Meditation will change your Life exponentially. The ball is in your court. Try it. You've got nothing to lose ~ except your fear. Except your anxiety.

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Peace & Blessings ~

Reiki Nurse