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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Greetings, Everyone! 
Springtime blossoms brighten the landscape
It's officially Spring! With the dawning of Spring comes more light, new Life, renewed Energy! There is actually more light because we have 'sprung ahead' an hour with man-made time, but also because Spring conjures up feelings of newness and light for many of us. New Life in the form of flowers blooming, buds on trees, grass, animal babies, fishes, tadpoles, and so much more! Winter's deep slumber segues into Mother Nature's gentle awakening of new Life, new Beginnings.  When I was a child, the freshness of Spring was always a fascinating time for me. The first signs of Spring were those of multi-colored crocuses pushing up mightily through the melting snow, stretching their buds up toward the light, and lazily spreading their colorful petals open to greet the warm, golden sunshine of Spring.
Spying the red-breasted robins hopping along in search of food or materials to build their nests was another sure sign of spring, and always one that was sure to excite me in anticipation of warmer days ahead. The scents of deep, rich Maine soil infused with ages-old, nutrient-dense decayed materials like leaves, flowers and such, wafted up to assault my senses every Spring.  
Pussy Willow: an early sign of Spring in the Northeast (Photo: Hubert Steed)

Pussy willows, the most beautiful, furry little things and one of the earliest signs of Spring in Maine, grow well in damp, swampy areas. In the neighborhood I grew up in (Winslow, Maine), I'd seek out the streams, ponds and brooks that harbored beautiful pussy willow plants. The legend I recall about pussy willows ~ and I don't remember if it was one of my aunt's who told me or if I read it somewhere ~ is that pussy willows came about after some little kittens who were playing at the river's edge, were rescued from drowning by grasping the willow branches that hung down into the water. 

When I was a little kid watching Spring coming to Life every year, I'd watch the little ducklings, chicks, goslings, lambs, horses and other baby animals trotting and frolicking in fields of new grass, edging playfully away from their mothers as they awakened to their newfound independence. Springtime was always an awakening of both mind and spirit imbued with sensory pleasures that many people are oblivious to or simply don't have time to indulge in. 

As a child, I appreciated every sight, scent and emotion I experienced with the dawning of Spring. Those feelings alleviated me from the remnants and residuals of heavier emotions I'd grapple with. The nearly palpable fresh, muddy scent of the earth, soaked with remnants of melting snow and ice was exhilarating for me! I'd often stop and take in deep, lung-expanding breaths of fresh, clean Springtime air. The scents and sights of Spring pleasantly assaulted my senses as She gently introduced herself to me year after year. 
Daffodils and ducklings are a sure sign of Spring
Spring reminds me that Life is precious and it's something that simply mustn't be taken for granted ~ ever. In order to live Life to the fullest, we need to remember that we create our happiness as surely as we create our sorrows. That isn't to say that all situations are within our control, but that our thoughts and words can either help us through everything or hinder us while navigating Life. 
Pussy Willows in an Azure Sky (Photo: Hubert Steed)
Life will always be a series of ups and downs for any of us, because the only constant in Life is change. Change has always been and will always be. Change's agonist is Acceptance. Acceptance quells the anxiety and fear associated with Change. Acceptance is a wonderful state of living and being, in my experiences, but sometimes acceptance is easy to forget. 
When I'm resisting changes of any type, I'm unhappy, obsessed, confused, angry, and obstinate. But when I open my mind, my heart and become willing to surrender to what is, I'm more at peace, clear-thinking, happy, open/flexible, and loving/kind. Fear can make any of us seem like pretty scary monsters! I've had to see my own monster rear its ugly head, especially during my earlier years in recovery, when anger seemed like the only emotion that threatened to burst forth from that dark place inside of me. 
Words are powerful weapons, and when used in anger they can slice without mercy. The wounds my words have inflicted upon some undeserving Souls sometimes left chaos and sadness in their wake. The harm I caused others was not caused out of malice or intent, but derived from a place of painful unknowing. It was a place so deep and dark and lonely that even I was hesitant to venture into it. But in order to heal that cesspool of darkness by imbuing it with the bright and healing light of Reiki, I was required to not only access it, but to purge it completely. The ensuing battles ~ both inner and outer ~ were necessary and welcomed. I engaged in them with eyes wide open, and with a willingness to see my part in any and all situations. 

So Springtime brings up all some wonderful feelings and memories for me, and reminds me that not only is the enviroment ~ Mother Earth, Gaia ~ constantly changing, expanding, growing, dying to Herself and then rising again from the ashes, we all are. 

Many Blessings of Warmth, Light and Love, my friends!

Reiki Nurse