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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rampant, Meandering Thoughts ...

Greetings, My Friends!
Is Life a struggle or do we make it a struggle? If we're 100% responsible for our actions, words and thoughts, then Life is ONLY a struggle if we set it up to be, right?

It's amazing how little we know to be true about ourselves as humans. We tend toward categorizing people and creating sub-categories to the sub-categories. But how well do each of our individual Souls know truly who we are? And how well do we show our true, authentic selves to others?

"And what of individuality and our intrinsic need to be unique?", the Student inquired of the Teacher.

The Teacher answered, saying: "All of you are truly unique. If only you knew how different one from the other you are, you may feel awed and inspired, perhaps even overwhelmed. On the outer layer, most everyone  looks the same, but inside is a different story." 

The Teacher paused, spreading her arms wide and indicating the vast, wondrous landscape before them. Then, slowly, she continued saying: "See the trees, for example. Although they have different names and all look slightly different, they all have roots, branches, and leaves. So it is with your humanness. But deep within, even though we all have Souls, every Soul is unique and different~a piece of a puzzle yet to be assembled."

"But what of the things of the Earth? The material things. What of our riches, gemstones and minerals?" the Student inquired.

The Teacher answered, saying: "Enjoy what is bestowed upon you in this incarnation and cherish every moment, but take heed not to cling too tightly lest it be swept away in the blink of an eye. The fruits of your labors are many and should be enjoyed. Always take heed to share your good fortune, knowing full well that nothing of this Earth shall pass on with you to the next phase, only your Soul lessons."

Later in the evening, the Student had another question for the Teacher. "What is our purpose on this plane, Teacher?"

The Teacher answered: "Each of you has different reasons for being on this plane of existence at this time. But you are all here to learn at least one very important Soul Lesson specifically designed by you and your Teachers on the level of Spirit. Eventually, you will come to know what that lesson is. Ask the Creator to reveal it to you in your meditations. Continue on with your Soul studies and be open to hearing your Creator who will guide you on your individual Paths." 

Peace & Blessings to All ~

Reiki RN