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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reiki & Emotional Release

Our thoughts are energy and our thoughts create reality

Emotional Roller Coasters

Emotional roller coasters have been described as the usual ups and downs of Life. Actually, it’s not an emotional roller coaster unless we ALLOW it to be. 

Remember, it took us many years to establish and connect to the 'social thought patterns and conditioning' that we've been imbued with throughout our Lifetimes. We were taught (conditioned) to feel, think, and do things in a way that is appropriate for the good of all humanity, or so our ancestors thought. We were conditioned to act, think, and behave in a way that is both pleasing and appropriate of us as human beings. When we allow ourselves to feel each emotion, and to contemplate each emotion individually, we are doing ourselves a huge favor.

Our Thoughts are Energy

CHANGE takes TIME ... those nasty wounds aren't going to heal overnight. It’s been years since some of them have been accessed and years more since we acquired the appropriate coping mechanisms to deal with such powerful bursts of energy. That’s what emotions are: Energy. Pure and Simple. 

Whenever you hear the term ‘emotion’ you simply need to imagine the energy behind each one. Behind the force of anger, there is a massive amount of emotional energy. Pain is the basis of the terrifying and sometimes destructive emotion of anger. Everything that can be destroyed can be constructed. That is the main point to remember: Sometimes, the DEstruction of an entity may result in the CONstruction of something more sublime. We need to learn to accept rather than judge our emotions if we are to reconcile them to simply being part of the human condition.

The Emotion of Anger

Take the emotion of anger, for instance. I allow myself to feel anger, allow the anger to BE, love and accept the anger just as it is and try not to judge it. I don't attempt to change or thwart it. I simply let it BE. Perhaps I can learn something from my own
anger: Where is it coming from? Is it part of feeling envious, ignored, second-guessed? Is it simply there because it is attempting to mask a more deep-seated painful memory? Is it a reaction to something that has been said in the moment? 

When I allow myself to process the emotional responses (energy) that my body harbors, I become even more in tune with each emotional response. Then, I use one of the powerful Reiki healing symbols to help heal it. Also, adding a positive affirmation to the mix helps immensely.

For instance, suddenly I feel anxiety and anger arising in my gut. I mentally ask myself: Where is this emotion coming from? Why is it coming up for me? If I can answer one or both questions right then and there, I’m golden. Otherwise, I simply acknowledge that I’m feeling angry or agitated or anxious, and I state to myself: “All is right in my world at this moment in time” or simply “All is right in my world” Affirmations such as these have kept me going for years and are actually a source of inspiration and freedom for me. If we learn to harness the power of positive affirmations, and combine them with powerful, healing Reiki Energy, we can change our Life!

The next time a powerful emotion is threatening to take you over, face it head on and bless it with Reiki. In blessing it and acknowledging it, you can literally change it. And by infusing Chokurei or another powerful Reiki symbol into that emotion you can change it completely into Love. Try it ~ you've nothing to lose!

Blessings, Peace & Love, my friends ~

Reiki Nurse (Kathi)