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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Success: Mundane or Magnificent?

Quenching the Moon's thirst ...
For me, the term 'success' has never been measured in terms of material things or acquisitions or money. That is to say, even as a young adult, the term 'success' was so much more than material and mundane: It has always been a term in which I measured the quality of what I felt was Spiritual for me. How well I live my Life, how well connected I am with my Higher Power, and how much kindness (or not!) I show to others. 

As I've progressed on my Journey, I've come to understand myself on a more intimate level, and I've learned what triggers my anger, my sadness, my happiness, and my sense of inner peace. I am much more discerning now than I was 5 or even 10 years ago, and I'm more aware of how my angry words can wound another Soul. I continue to struggle with my quick-to-anger defenses. I am more aware when I am feeling defensive and more importantly, WHY, I am feeling defensive. The reason one can't change everything overnight is evident: we're on a Journey, each individualized for every individual. The Journey I'm on isn't necessarily the Journey that you are on. And we didn't develop our negative coping mechanisms overnight. It's taken many years to develop the coping mechanisms, healthy or unhealthy as they may be, that we use to navigate our lives every day. 
Our Third Eye is the Doorway to Higher Realms

Because of this, it will take years of being aware of our character flaws to change them, one by one. I tend to come to understand things at a slower rate than others, and sometimes it takes a few times of 'banging my head against a brick wall' to fully comprehend what it is that needs to be changed within my Self, my psyche to help me become a better, kinder, more loving person.

Success for me means that each morning when I open my eyes, though I may feel discombobulated and confused at times, I know that my Core is pure LOVE that radiates through my entire Being, and outward towards all of Humanity. It means that I don't get caught up in the everyday mundane, the negative, the chaos of the outer world. It means that from my Core I radiate the Love, Peace, and Truth that is who I truly am. It means that I AM, and that makes everything okay in my realm. 
Simply Believe

Success isn't about how much money I make, what kind of car I drive, how large and extravagant my home is, or whether or not I have a college degree. For me, all the material wealth in the world isn't worth anything if I am not Spiritually fulfilled, Spiritually fit and connected. If I am not connected with Nature, God and/or Goddess, Yin/Yang, my True Self, my Higher Power, all living beings ~ there is no success for me. I don't find success in the mundane, for me it is the magnificence of Being! Success is based in Spiritual practice, in Being, not in doing. 

How one feels about the term 'success' is relevant and pertinent to how he or she navigates her own Journey in this Life. Think about what success means to you. Ponder your beliefs, and if you feel that something inside of your own thinking needs tweaking, set about changing it. Remember that nothing happens overnight. Be gentle with yourself. We can't change what anyone thinks about us, or how they act. But we CAN change how we respond or react to others ~ my reactions are my personal measurements of how successful I really am, and how much further I have come on my own personal Journey of Life. 

Walk in Light, my friends ~ Think SUCCESS!
 Reiki RN