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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Soul Ascension

Good Morning my friends! 

I'm up and ready to start my day this fine, beautiful Saturday morning in Boynton Beach, Florida! It's been quite a long week, what with the Light-ening of many personal issues affecting my personal space. I think I'm going to turn the A/C off this morning, open all the windows in my home for an hour or two, sage my home and attached garage, and get some fresh air moving through my space, to Light-en this space, and to increase the circulation of good vibrations! 

It's definitely a day that I'm going to clear away the negative vibrations that I allowed to permeate my space this week, and transmute the dark energies that I allowed in via negative words, emails, and energies. I'm going to use some powerful Reiki energy to assist me in this process of alchemy, transmuting the darkness to Light! 

Have you ever noticed the 'heaviness' that surrounds certain areas, or seems to emanate from certain people whom you come into contact with? That heavy feeling is actually lower vibrational energy, and it can be improved upon and made Light again with the process of healing the darkness within, or around, and transmuting it to Light. We are all given Free Will, and we can decide to change and increase our vibrations ~ or not. The ultimate decision of change is up to the individual.

It's an auspicious time on Mother Earth to raise our own, personal vibrations higher! Gaia herself is in the process of raising her vibratory energy, as she sloughs off all the negativities of her past; shifting her teutonic plates, erupting once-deactivated volcanoes, sweeping twisters through towns and cities all over the globe. These are the processes that Mother Earth uses to 'clean' and 'clear' the negative energies that have accumulated on her back over thousands of years, and she certainly has much to clean and clear! 

We have much to clean and clear within our own energy fields, as well, and each of us is being urged to decide whether or not we have the courage to face ourselves and make some important and intense changes. In order to do so, we need to cultivate a few skills that innately are within us: self-honesty (breaking away from denial of our own darkness!), self-assessment (brutal honesty is called for here!), and willingness to surrender to All That Is (God, Source, Allah, Jesus, etc.) The time is now, but in order to be ready for our Soul Ascension, we need to clear out all the old paradigms, all the old, negative energies that keep us stuck in duality and Egoic-mind structures. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to things and/or people who no longer serve your Highest Good? Are you ready to be brutally honest with yourself, bringing all your inadequacies and mis-qualified energy to the surface to be transmuted into Light? Are you ready to let go of the past (and the future) and live in the Present moment? 

Surrender and acceptance of what is takes practice and awareness of our own thoughts continuously. We must be willing to face (and embrace) our fears, face our addictions, and all negative aspects of ourselves and bring Light into each one to transmute them. We must learn to accept our darkness, as well as our Light in order to transcend duality and reach our highest Soul potential. We need to be willing to surrender to Divine will, and let go of our Egos in order to transcend them. 

The process of transcending Ego to gain access to our Light is outlined perfectly and succinctly in Sabrina Reber's manual for Soul Ascension, Raise Your Vibration. This manual will help you heal your dark aspects, and transmute them to Light as you raise your vibratory energy and auric field in preparation for Soul Ascension. 

Namasté & Light my friends

Reiki RN