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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thoughts on the New Year

An Indigo Full Moon
I'm opening to welcome a newer, more positive vibration into my Life in just a few hours! The key is to continue to think rationally, logically, and positively. I know there are some of you who enjoy poking fun at the perceived frivolity that sometimes I project outwards from my childlike Spirit, but in all fairness, if you can't laugh at yourself who the hell can you laugh at? The up and coming year will bring bright and shiny new ideas to those who dare to shine their Lights ~ and boldly go where no womyn or man has gone before. (I'm Captain Janeway!) Seriously, (although at times it's difficult to BE serious!) I'm gearing up for a 3 day stint up in rancher country. I love it up there at this time of year! Great people, great patients! So I'm a bit punchy at this time, my friends ;)

The Cosmic Flow
Anyway, let's discuss some happenings around the New Year 2015, and let me add, dear readers, that if these words tend towards generalizations, it's simply because they ARE generalized. I can't give more than one individual reading at a time, after all ...

This year is bound to bring many new beginnings for many of us, and in some very unexpected ways, too! This is going to be an auspicious year, with many changes that will appear negative initially, but will bring about changes that are positive, and will work well for most of you in the long run. The year 2015 is an 'eight' year, one of coming to understand the relationships between opposites, and why we tend to attract to ourselves those who sometimes appear to diametrically oppose our own values and morals.

Sometimes, these differences are healthy and cataclysmic within relationships, at other times they can become the downfall of them. If you feel yourself being pulled towards and then repelled back from a potential or existing relationship ~ if his or her feelings are running hot and cold and it's confusing to your psyche ~ Let Go! You will be closing one door, as painful as it may seem in the moment, it will serve to open new doors and thus allow a new beginning: New people, new passions, new projects, new money, new ideas ~ well, you get the picture!

We don't always know when to pull back and when not to, but if we tune in to our God-given Intuition, and listen to His voice and the voice of our Angels and Guides who are commanded by and beholden to God, we will know instinctively which move to make. It's all a matter of synchronicity between our Intuitions (Souls) and God, the Divine. New Year's 2015 will open avenues to some who are not ready to accept them, and who neither have the knowledge nor the experience to handle some of the higher vibratory frequencies that are being transmitted through the Christ-Light of the Universe. These frequencies sometimes travel sub-consciously, or psychically, and are extremely subtle in energy and vibratory frequency, although sometimes more easily detectable than the lower vibrations.

A magnetic attraction of sorts ...
When you come upon a lower vibrational Soul, you will not only 'feel' their pain in your emotional spaces, you will most likely feel it in your gut. There will be a tightness, a gut-wrenching twisting which acts as a warning that perhaps their vibrations need tweaking. Please know that being around a lower frequency for any length of time can be draining to you ONLY if you allow it to be. "Say it is so, and so it will be!" Protect your vibratory auric field before you leave the house in the morning, by surrounding yourself with a Shield of Violet Light. Meditate on the red energies of Gaia, and the Indigo blue energies of Universal Unconditional Love, and Pleiades. When these energies blend together, and rise up through your Kundalini, powerful, healing Violet Light instantaneously aligns your Chakras and clears your Auric Field completely.

Any tears, rips, holes, or other blemishes within the Auric Field are instantaneously repaired, and your Soul fills with the Christ-light of Love and forgiveness. The healing negates everything that the Egoic Pattern has created within your psyche, such as the physical desire for power, greed, possession, and other unhealthy patterns it creates to keep us stuck in the Big Lie of Illusion. Once you have protected yourself, your loved ones and pets, home, car, etc with the Violet Light you can remain confident and with Faith that nothing can harm you ~ ever.

This year, many more Souls will be choosing to depart the planet, as the Shift's intensity increases. Many of us will choose to leave the planet for many reasons, some simply because it's their choice to leave at this time. The intensity of the Shift, what it's going to require for us to raise our vibratory frequency ~ some serious Inner Work is imminent in order to raise our vibratory frequencies. We will need to shed the old, stuck energy and move beyond the dualistic nature to Higher Realms. This will not happen instantaneously, we will gradually reach Higher Levels. There's no reason to worry about how the Shift will affect you. Just be willing to change and grow, be conscious of how you act and react, become more aware of your Self and your interactions with others.

Universal Vitruvian Man Painting
One of our flaws as members of the Human Race is that we tend to 'expect' and 'attempt to control outcomes' in many given situations. If we simply allow the situation to be, while providing the basic footwork, the situation will only resolve and end up exactly how it's supposed to be. It's difficult, and yet simple, to remember that everything is always as its supposed to be, and everything ~ every situations, every relationship, every moment ~ is as illusory as it is real.

This year will be the year that breaks through the illusions of time, and in which many of us will begin to understand the concept of living in the Now. The Collective consciousness will be raised exponentially through conscious meditation individually and globally. Many of us will fine-tune our God-given abilities in 2015,  coming to understand that everything we do, say, and think will always be for the Highest Good of all. We become broader thinkers, feelers, and doers this year, and much of what we do and say will work well for our Highest Good, as well as the Highest Good of all. In the candid words of one of the most prolific song writers and poets of the 20th century, "Times they are a-changin'" ~ Bob Dylan and change things must, if we are to navigate the Great Shift with ease.

Let our New Year begin, my friends ~

Blessings, Light, and Love to all!
Reiki RN <3