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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Authentic Selves

Emergence ...
"The journey of consciousness, of mysticism, is to come to know yourself and your own motivations.'" ~ Caroline Myss 

For many of us, Life is a roller coaster of ups, downs, twists, and turns ~ and oh, what a ride it is! It's about becoming our True and Authentic Self, allowing our Inner Light to shine forth no matter what. It's about being able to laugh at our mistakes, because if we live as authentically as we can we instinctively know there are no mistakes, only different paths and perceptions. One day we may choose a path that veers to the right, the next we choose a path that meanders to the left. Striving to be our True Authentic Self is a freedom, and in living freely, with deep joy, serenity, and peace despite those who attempt to block our happiness, we ARE free. 

There are no regrets or guilt about the past, because the past is long gone, and living in the past precludes us from enjoying the moment, the Now. There are no worries about the future, because the future is yet to come, and worrying about the future is simply lacking faith in what is, and prevents us from enjoying the moment, in the Now. There is simply contentedness in the Present, in the moment, because it is in the moment that we know we belong. When we are striving to be our Authentic Self, we stand fast, honoring the Past and the Future, but with our feet firmly planted in the Present, in the Now ... 

Some attempt to bump us out of our peace, by intentionally attempting to hurt us with words, actions, thoughts. But because we are steadfast in our desire to be our True Authentic Self, we move forward with ease and joy, leaving those negative Souls in behind. We choose not to associate with those who wish to constantly hurt us time and again. Our internal compass guides us along, as we walk hand in hand with our Higher Power, our
Higher Self, on our Journey to becoming our Authentic Self ... on the road to Self-Actualization. Perhaps there are those who attempt to beat us down emotionally, and we succumb to their negative barrage of insults and abuses because we are, after all, human ~ and we are perfectly imperfect in our Human-ness. We forgive them, and move forward with ease and grace ... 

We are free from the ties that bind us to those who appear to want to squelch our happiness, because we are choosing our Authenticity. We know deeply that our love for them, indeed for ALL, is unconditional, but we also remain discerning in not allowing our Authentic Self to step into the web of intricately woven resentments and negativity that some weave around themselves and attempt to snag us in. We are striving to be Authentic, and in striving to Be, we are. We let those negative Souls go, with Love, Peace, and Understanding. No longer do we allow their poison to affect us in any way. We simply allow them to Be and move forward on our Journey to Wholeness, to Oneness with All That Is, God. 

Striving to be our Authentic Self is a Journey, a Sacred Chore ... and along that Journey, we bless all and do seva (service) for the good of All, for the Highest Good of All. Life and living on this planet at this time is internal and external work. Internal and external changes must be navigated with the assistance of our Angels, God, Goddess ~ all Light Beings. We must live in constant awareness of our actions, our words, our thoughts. We must monitor our emotions carefully, and if we are having interactions with those who attempt to hurt us, we must make decisions for the Highest Good of All. 

We must be aware of all our human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear ... and carefully weave our way through each when necessary. Emotions are never right or wrong, they just are. And when we are striving to become our Authentic Self, we need to learn to work with them, not against them. 
We need to accept all our emotions, not fight against them. 

In striving to be our Authentic Self, we need to learn everything about our Self. What is it we enjoy, what will we tolerate, what will we not tolerate, who we want to embrace in our Sacred Circle, what our likes and dislikes are, and sometimes we need to evaluate and re-evaluate the quality of our relationships with those who are close to us, those whom we share a daily connection. We need to learn to love ourselves completely, unconditionally ~ before we can truly love another that way. Indeed, we need to become our own best friend. We need to learn to be comfortable with ourselves alone. Sometimes, being alone is the only way we truly get to know who we are. The only way we become our Authentic Self.

Peace, Love, & Blessings ~
Reiki RN