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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Allowing Our Light to Shine ...

The Light behind this dark cloud illuminates it from within, and even though the center is heavy and dark with pent-up moisture, the outer edges (silver lining!) are illumined. That's how it is with our Souls, our Spirits.

We have all made our mistakes, done or said things that were not aligned with our Soul's purpose, whether in the distant past, or today ... we are human and we are here on this planet to encourage and nurture our Soul's growth.  We are here to learn from our mistakes, and to guide and be guided along on our Journey to Enlightenment and Universal/Unconditional Love. We are here to learn to love ourselves, and to learn to love and care for ourselves and others. It's all about Love, people ... learning to love ourselves (not in an egocentric way, but in a heartfelt way) and learning to love each other.

If we mess up, hopefully we have come far enough on our journey to know that it is not only our responsibility, but our duty, to make things 'right' as soon as we realize our mistake. We are constantly learning and growing in Life. If we remain aware of our actions and words, and are as diligent with our thought patterns as we can be, we are doing the best we can. Not one of us is better or greater than another, we are all equal in the big scheme of things. The mundane does not matter, even though we are on a plane of existence that glorifies the mundane. It doesn't matter how much money we have, how many cars (or what type of car) we drive, what kind of clothes we wear, whether or not we hang with the popular crowd ... all of these things will eventually pass away, and the only thing that is left if our Core, our Being, our Soul.

It is our capacity to LOVE that is important. And no one can genuinely Love without first loving the Self. When we allow our light to shine forth, others see the Light emanating forth through our actions, through our words, through the way we treat others. If we disrespect others, in essence we are disrespecting ourselves, since all energy is connected. We are all part of the Greater Whole, we are all individuals on the Great Path, but we are all connected.

We are here to learn from each other, and to teach each other. We are all students, and we are all teachers ... and nothing happens by chance or fate. We create our experiences by choosing our thoughts, words, and actions. We need only stay aware of our thoughts to change them. Once we recognize that our thoughts are no longer serving a purpose in our growth, we can easily transmute that energy by changing the thought behind it! It sounds so simplistic, and yet it is one of the most difficult tasks to ever!

We can't change anything if we are not aware that it exists. It's important to always seek counsel within. We begin changing when we become aware of what needs to be changed, and only then. Let's begin by giving ourselves permission to become totally aware of our own thought patterns. May we all learn to Live simply, and beautifully, and peacefully ...

I allow myself to remain aware of my thought patterns, and to see the lesson in every situation.

I allow my Light to Shine as Brightly as it Was Meant to Shine!

Shine on, Everyone!

Blessings, Light, & Love ~

Reiki RN