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Thursday, July 25, 2013

We are All 'Wounded Healers'

When I happened upon a profound statement this morning, I chose to expand on the thought. The statement simply proclaimed: "We are all wounded healers." 

We are all here on this Planet at this particular time for a reason. We may not be fully aware of the reasons yet, but that does not detract from the fact that we are here.

So many of us have issues and situations that occurred in our pasts which we have 'come to grips' with and moved forward from, and yet there are also many of us who have not chosen to let go and move forward. These are simply sad, lost Souls whom we come into contact with every day, and who are stuck in the past due to their own fears of letting go. These sad souls have chosen to hold on to the negative, remaining victims of the past and hence victims to the darkness, to the veiled Light. How sad for those who choose to remain in a place of negativity, pain, and darkness during this Golden Age, this auspicious Era of Light, Unconditional Love, and Blessings! It is for these lost souls that we are here. We are here to help assist and guide the lost souls towards the Light, with gentle reminders that living in the past and holding on to the negative is not conducive to living positively and freer. 

We are "The Wounded Healers" ...

It is true. We are all Wounded Healers. None of us can proclaim that we have never hurt, neglected, abused, or wronged another soul in some way. None of us can say that we have never experienced disappointment, sadness, fear, anger, or any other negative emotion. It is simply an aspect of the human condition that we all have experienced disappointments and setbacks. We are all on individual paths, and our personal journey is unique, that is true. But we have all traveled along our paths and stumbled, fallen, and gotten up again only to continue moving forward. We may have been the ones who lost our tempers, struck out in anger, hurt others, or been the creator of someone else's pain. 

Fortunately,  we know the old adage 'to err is human, to forgive, Divine'. Not only do we know it, we LIVE it ... our Soul essence embodies these words. We have hurt others, we have neglected others, sometimes we have hurt or neglected those we love the most in this Life. But we are HUMAN, and we need to learn to forgive. We need to learn to forgive not only others who have wronged us, but most importantly ourselves, when we have wronged others. Without forgiving oneself, one can not move forward on his or her individual path.

We are all Wounded Healers. We are here to learn from our pasts, our mistakes, our errors, ourselves, and each other. We are here to teach and guide each other. The individual path is one that can not be shared, but the Great Path leads to the Whole. The Oneness. Each individual path leads to the Great Path. We are all on individual journey's that will eventually merge with the One. The Whole. We are light beings traveling alone, and yet we are all connected despite the one-ness. All living Beings are One. All Energy is One. All is One. 

And we are all Wounded Healers ...

Blessings and Light, my friends ...

Reiki Nurse