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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Great Shift

We are living in auspicious, Light-filled times!

Auspicious Times 

We are living in auspicious times, my Light-Filled Friends!

Why do I say we are living in auspicious times? Because I believe we are. 

We’re in what some have termed the Golden Era of Light or the Great Shift. This period in linear time will bring about a Higher Consciousness that will serve to save Planet Earth and Humanity ~ and shine the Consciousness of Christ-Light upon the entire planet. 

This New World will align our Souls with the Creator’s and we will begin to realize that we are truly connected, rather than separate from each other and Source. The new Era of Light will be one in which every Being thrives, no matter social status, education, race, religion ... no matter what. 

Humanity is Awakening

We know intrinsically that 'something' is happening ...
The esoteric truths that were imprinted upon our Souls from the beginning of Time have been quashed, denied and manipulated for millennia, because to reveal the truth would be to release humanity from the bondage of control. 

We’ve been controlled by entities that have sought to control humanity and control outcomes for millennia, and we are just now breaking free from the collective trap of darkness. Everything is being exposed in this new era of truth. All the systems that were  created and built up to ‘protect’ us from ourselves are being torn down, belief by belief. The Light of Truth is piercing the veil that has only served to confuse us and hide the truth of our innate empowerment, that which connects each of us intrinsically to Source. 


Many of us have felt shifts in our own Consciousness and our own Souls, as well as shifts in the very fabric of reality in recent years. These shifts have been felt on subtle and not so subtle levels, and some of us have had the wherewithal to discuss what’s happening outright, while others have been silenced by their own Ego & by fear.

EGO wishes to keep us stuck in the old ways of thinking and does not want these changes to take place for fear of its own annihilation, which inevitably will come about when humanity figures out that EGO has been the sole cause of too many conflicts, too many wars on this planet. 

EGO has been in charge of Humanity for thousands of years, since our Matriarchal societies were shattered and destroyed by the darkness that was visited upon us by EGO (Easing God Out).

Trust the Process

Trust that everything is happening for the Greater Good
Many beings have experienced and are experiencing the process of awakening to the truth of what is for several years. Humanity has been veiled (shrouded) in paradigms that have been hailed as ‘truths’ for centuries, but the Light of Consciousness is being shone upon every conditioned belief, every falsity that has ever existed. It is during this auspicious time on our planet ~ the Golden Age ~ that all which was disseminated as truth for thousands of years will be exposed because darkness cannot survive once the Light of Truth reveals it for what it truly is.

These things are coming about currently in the current climate globally. If you stay abreast of the happenings around us with an open mind and an open heart, there is absolutely no way you can miss what is being revealed: from lies being exposed to conditioned beliefs being shattered to global protests about the mistreatment of living beings. 

Everything that is happening is timely, albeit unpredictable and sometimes laced with fear. We need only to remember that EGO is not in charge, that we are all connected to each other and to the Creator, and that LOVE is the most powerful emotion in the spectrum of emotions. 

LOVE will heal humanity. In the end, there is only Love ~ and all is being revealed with Love.

Trust the Process!

Love, Peace & Blessings to All ~
Reiki Nurse 

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More to be revealed ~ 
Let YOUR Love Light Shine!