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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Change Your Life: Awakening to Our Voice Commands

"I can't do it!" "I don't like ______" "It's hard to be loving and kind" "I won't be made a fool" "I don't believe in love" 

Human Beings truly do not understand the power of the energy behind our words, or of our thoughts. Our thoughts and words can be limiting, make us powerless and hopeless, and weave a web of negativity that we do not understand. Our thoughts and words create our situations and our realities, and we don't even realize how powerful the energy of our thoughts and words truly is!
As simple and true as this concept is, human beings have been slaves to their own thoughts and words for eons without even realizing it. 

But today, in the 21st Century, Human Beings are waking up from the old paradigm, and we are seeing the amazing Truth for ourselves! We are realizing that we have the ability to create our own situations, to enhance our own lives, to create a future filled with peace, love, and happiness. It isn't an illusion or a pipe dream: it's a reality. We are brilliantly empowered and we are the creators of fulfilled, content lives when we do the inner work.

Our body will follow every command that we give to it: Negative self-talk will not only create whatever it is we are commanding, (ie. "I'm so fat" "I'm such a bum" "I'm a loser") perpetuates the negativity. If we go around telling ourselves that we will never amount to anything (or allow the negative tapes in our heads from our childhoods to continue playing in repeat mode), we are limiting the truly vast abilities of our mind. Remember, we only use 7-10% of our brains. Imagine harnessing the other 90% in a positive light! What amazing things we could accomplish if we achieved that! 

The first step in creating a Life that is amazing and beautiful is becoming aware of your thought patterns. Be still, be meditative, and observe your thoughts for a few moments. Don't judge your thoughts, just allow them to meander around for a bit as you observe each and every one of them. Are your thoughts telling you how wonderful you are? How lovely your Life is? How beautiful, kind, compassionate, honest, trustworthy, loving you are? Allow each thought to linger a moment, and don't judge it, simply observe it. Anyone can find time for themselves to do this exercise, no matter what their situation is. This exercise doesn't demand much time, just effort and willingness on your part to observe, realize, and become aware your own thought patterns. 

In becoming aware of our thoughts, we can change the energy of them. If they tend to be negative and degrading towards our Self, we can transform each one to positive and uplifting. WE are the creators. You are the only one who can change your thoughts. That is how powerful you are! By changing the energy of your thoughts, you can create a whole, new, bright and positive Life for yourself!

One of the leading obstacles in our society to creating peace within ourselves and in our lives is the unnecessary and illusory need for 'background noise'. Why do we think we need 'background noise' to pollute our environment? Switch the television off, turn the radio off, sit in complete and utter silence for 10 minutes a day, allowing your thoughts to simply be. And then observe how those 10 minutes of silence daily will change your Life, because your Life will change. 

Start changing the energy of your thoughts today ...

Peace, Love, and Light ~
Reiki RN