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Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome, 2014: Year of Introspection

Bringing in the New Year, with its new energy and many blessings today ... It's been nearly a week since 2014 made its appearance on the horizon. Already so much has transpired for us, as no matter what we are doing, Life tends to move forward without a hitch.

As each day blends into another, and as I strive to maintain my composure in the midst of some pretty hairy situations, I realize that it's much easier to navigate Life when I'm minding my own business, and not getting too involved with others' Lives. What makes it difficult for me to remain composed, emotionally detached, and serene is being around certain members of my family. I find it difficult, at best, to navigate my family of origin without losing my temper, my sense of Inner Peace, or both. 

The particular tones of voice, certain phrases or words, and the chaotic energy of certain members of my family makes being around them disturbing, for lack of a better term. I need to recognize that these particular family members bring up triggers in me that need close monitoring and examination. There are some things within me that need healing, and each time I allow myself to be triggered by the energy of one of my family members, I need to realize that there is something deeply embedded in my being that requires healing. 

This is going to be a year of introspection, solitude, Soul- searching, and healing for so many of us on various levels. It's a number 7 year in numerology, which makes it a year in which many of us will seek the meaning behind the illusions of reality. Nothing is taken at face value, as there is always a deeper meaning to everything. This is a year of introspection, one in which it will be beneficial to our on-going Soul's growth to study, write, and spend time alone in quiet meditation and prayer, communing with our Higher Power.

Naturally, we need to continue on our individual paths and be responsible for ourselves. This is going to be a year of great strides for those of us concerned with expansion of our own Spirituality. Introspection can sometimes be a bit scary, especially when it involves recognizing and then changing those behaviors which we've been protecting for so long, behaviors that no longer serve our higher purpose, and no longer serve our position in humanity.

Welcome, 2014! It's going to be an important year in the big scheme of things. And I'm ready to move forward ... 

Light & Love, my friends!

Reiki Nurse