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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Universal Laws Series: 1. The Law of Divine Oneness

1 ~ The Law of Divine Oneness

"The Universe is not a static place. Everything is constantly changing. Everything is Energy. All we say, all we do, all we think and all we believe … every single action we take affects us and everyone else around us. In fact, everything in our environment and the Universe as a whole is affected by our words, our actions, our beliefs, our thoughts. We are all on the Energy grid, of sorts. We are connected by stands of energy. All sentient (living) beings are connected."
Each and every day that I am on this Earth plane, particularly within the past 3-5 years, I awaken and consciously remember that I am connected to each and every sentient (living) Being on this planet. I therefore have refrained from stomping on spiders, palmetto bugs, or other creepy crawly's when I happen upon them. In many Eastern philosophies, any living creature COULD likely be an ancestor's Spirit in another incarnation, and that is probably why I've often seen art or photographs in which a Buddhist monk is depicted carrying a spider outside to release it into Nature without harming it.
We are all connected to each other, and to the Divine Consciousness, whether or not we choose to believe it, want it to be, or understand this philosophy. Many of us are on a journey towards understanding this simple, yet convoluted, universal truth and law.
We are connected to the Divine, and therefore to each and every part of the Divine. Consider for a moment a matrix, if you will. The matrix is in the shape of a large circle, like the shape of the Full Moon. Circles have no beginnings and no ends. They are simply circles. Consider that what forms the circle (no beginning and no end) is a long strand of light-wire and that strand of light-wire coils endlessly within that circle which it forms. The wire is segmented, but it is connected endlessly. The circle it forms is illumined, because the light-wire is shining brightly. 
Each segment of that light-wire is a Soul, and each Soul is required to form the Whole, the Circle, the Full Moon, so to speak. The Circle is the Divine Consciousness, and we are all the little segments, or Souls, within that Divine Consciousness. We are all part of the Divine, and the Divine is within each of us. With each incarnation, we are striving to get back to the Whole, the Divine. But why are we striving to get back to the Whole, when we have always been part of the Whole (the Divine)? 
Simplified: We are the Divine, and the Divine is each of us. The Divine is within each of us, and we ARE the Divine. 
We are not powerless victims in this Life, we are not victims of 'circumstance' any more than we ALLOW ourselves to be victims. As thinking, feeling adults we have more power over our own lives than ever imagined! We ARE the Universe, the Universe is within each of us. It truly is that simple, but magnificent and awesomely fantastic! When we harm even one small, living Being, we are harming and disrupting the Whole because every living Being is connected and every single, living Being is part of the Whole.

That is truly the simplest explanation I can give about the The Law of Divine Oneness. We are all connected to each other and every living Being, and we are all parts of the Whole, the Divine. The Universe is within each of us, and we are all the Universe. When our earthly body dies, the Energy (Essence, Soul, Spirit) that we truly are rejoins the matrix in the form of Energy. The earthly body (consider it a costume) is shed, and our Authentic Self joins the Whole ~ once again, as Energy. 

Until next time, my friends ~

Walk in the Light of Love ...

Reiki Nurse