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Friday, September 12, 2014

Let Your Child-Light Shine!

Sometimes, the most precious and wonderful memories are made when we allow
ourselves to simply BE in any given moment. It really is a matter of allowing each moment to flow freely. It has taken me so long to realize that by not DOING ~ just by BEING ~ in a moment I can access every aspect of what I've labeled my 'child-light'. It's that moment, that special feeling that allows me to see everything around me as brand new, through the eyes of my Child Self. Everything appears new and wonderful, and the fascination and joy fills me with a sense of wonder and beauty that can not be described, nor can it be equalled!

Every one of us has that special Child-Light within, and many of the great spiritual teachers have spoken about it over the years. Jesus told us: "In order to seek the kingdom of God, you must become like a little child." When we allow ourselves to simply be in the moment, our child-Light shines forth brightly, and our joy expands exponentially!

Many of us catch glimpses of this child-light throughout our lives, but it seems elusive to us, and the moments may seem fleeting. We have the ability to harness that feeling, that BEING, and remain in the moment. It takes practice, but it can be done. Our EGO (Easing God Out) strives to keep us stuck in the muck and mire, making it difficult to see the trees through the forest.

Ego does not want us to simply BE, because when we catch a glimpse of being in a moment, ego has absolutely no power or place in our Life. "Ego teaches us that once we find our peace, everything will fall into place in our lives. Spirit tells us that once we find our peace, everything will fall into place" ~ Marianne Williamson teaches us this simple truth in her writings and teachings, as does Eckhart Tolle. It is our ego that complicates this simple truth.

We are driven by our egos, but we do not have to remain stuck in the egoic constructed realities we've created for ourselves. Ego holds tightly to most of us on this level of existence, because without our profound belief in some type of illusion, our ego tells us there is nothing. And we believe the big lies our egos force us to cling to.

At the basis of any belief that our ego has constructed, at the basis of any illusion regarding 'the way it should be' or 'the way we should act' is fear (Forget Everything And Run!). Fear requires our ego to cling to our illusory 'beliefs' and our illusory 'truths' as though there is nothing else. When we choose to step beyond our personal fears and into the Divine Truth and light, we can free ourselves from the limiting illusions that ego creates.

When we allow ourselves to shake ego off, and simply BE, we become one with the totality of Being, one with Spirit and Nature, one with each other. That is when we allow our Child-Light to shine forth, and we access that purest form of joy. Our Being is Light, our wholeness is Light, we are Light. Our egos want us to believe that we are matter. Our egos do not want us to know that we are the purest forms of Energy and Light. Our true essence is Light and Energy, NOT form (matter). When we allow our Child-Light to shine forth, we are allowing ourselves to BE.

And at that very moment, we are living in the now, in the present. We have accessed the purest form of joy, the purest form of peace, the purest form of LOVE. Our true essence ...

Peace, Love, and Joy, my friends ~

Reiki Nurse