Saturday, April 18, 2020

An Introduction to Higher Conscience Reiki

This article first appeared in Reiki Rays Online Journal, March 22, 2020

© Copyright 2014 KARancourt
Many people who have been working to improve their quality of Life in an effort to assist in the ascension of their own Consciousness and Soul over the last 20 or so years are also Reiki practitioners. How auspicious for them!
Reiki Energy has become more familiar to the masses over the last couple of decades, and more and more practitioners are rising up to be Initiated and Attuned to Reiki all over the globe. I’ve been guided to write this article specifically to discuss the new and higher realm of Reiki Energy that has surrounded the planet over the last few decades.
In May of 2016, whilst I was meditating one early, misty morning in South Florida, my Consciousness was suddenly flooded with Light and simultaneously 4 symbols imprinted themselves on my relaxed eyelids in rapid succession. I waited as I listened to the download of information regarding each of these symbols. 

When I came out of my meditation, I quickly drew each symbol in my notebook and listed the specific information I had received about each of them. Then, I put that information aside. I showed it to only one person over the last four years: my Holy Fire® Reiki Master teacher.As I’ve continued to work through my own human issues and finely hone my own healing process, I’ve come to realize that the symbols I received in meditation were not meant only for my healing process and spiritual growth. The symbols I received are going to be shared with Humanity, as they will assist in the healing of our planet on a mass level.
We all have innate issues that embed themselves into our very cellular memory, affecting our level of consciousness as well as impeding our own personal and spiritual growth. Many of the issues we hold within our auric field or cellular memories are detrimental to the healing process. These issues also prevent us from moving forward on our spiritual journey.
And many of the issues we continue to conceal from the world and sometimes even from ourselves are trauma-based. These issues act like anchors that hold us down and prevent us from rising up spiritually and expanding our consciousness to reach the point of Enlightenment that is meant for each one of us. The symbols I received are specifically used to guide us through complete emptying, negation and cleansing of cellular memories. Each symbol is a tool that will help unleash long held beliefs about ourselves that keep us stuck in a false and materialistic sense of being.
These symbols are meant to help lift us out of poverty of mind and spirit, and to assist us in reaching the highest realms of spirit that we are meant to exist in. In other words, we will be healed to the point of reaching the Fifth Dimensional realms and beyond.
With the assistance of my Spiritual Guides and Avatars, I am in the process of developing these symbols into a new and high vibration Reiki certification. I’m not sure how long this process will take in linear time, but I have been assured that this is important to the continued healing of Humanity and of our Mother Earth. I am honored to have this forum, Reiki Rays, and all of you wonderful, spiritually based lightworkers, healers, practitioners, and colleagues to share this process with.
In closing, I welcome any and all queries and comments in regard to this process. May the Light and Healing Energy of Reiki be with all of you! Thank you to my Avatars, Reiki Masters, Guides and all Spiritual Light Beings always.
Peace, Love & Many Blessings 
Reiki Nurse 

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A Time to Love ~ Thoughts on COVID 19

This article was first published in Reiki Rays

Chakra System

I’ve been guided to write and share what I’ve been considering, as I care for the many patients who come to me with symptoms of COVID-19. I’ve been considering the timing and the repercussions of this pandemic and how far-reaching its effects will be for our collective future. The meandering thoughts that have been forthcoming in my meditations and dreams are being formulated into coherent writings.
© Copyright 2016 KARancourt
Crocuses bursting forth through the snow

Sometimes, the Universe has to step in and work its own Magick so that necessary changes can be made for the highest good of all. This happens to be one of those times. During this process, I am not losing faith in Something Greater, in a Greater Purpose. I am not going to succumb to the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that currently threatens us globally. I am sending Reiki globally during this pandemic to all Souls who inhabit this planet.
This is not a dark, evil virus that is wiping out Humanity, but a condition that is changing our perspective and will eventually change our entire future. This period of time is going to prove to be a Life changing one, in which systems will be broken down to be restructured into more workable and user friendly systems. Everything we thought of as ‘normal’ will be broken down and restructured during and long after this life situation ebbs.
 Everything is as it needs to be. The ‘systems’ that have enslaved humanity for far too long are being broken down. Have you yourself not wondered somewhere along your path how the world and the way things were going down was going to change?  
It’s so very sad that some have to die for these changes to take place, but if we look at how we perceive death (yes, even death is a necessary system that humanity fears rather than welcomes) we can view this entire process in an entirely different Light. We can gain new insights and new perspectives that will eventually help us rebuild the systems that are being taken down around us.
Imagine our entire World, Gaia, as being a living entity. Because Gaia IS a living entity, and we have so long disconnected from Her and Her amazing healing energy! We have long denied that we are all connected to Gaia and to each other. We need to think in terms of the Collective ~ and how at times like these, the needs of a large portion of society outweighs the needs of a few. 
If we are indeed Awakened to the point of seeing that a New Earth is about to manifest, we will see ourselves as spiritual warriors at this time. We are the Guardians of the Truth and Love for all of Humanity, not only for those who think or resonate with our own belief systems. 
It’s important to share our true and Authentic Selves with the world to help align truth and Light and especially LOVE which is desperately needed to heal this planet and all of Humanity. 
LOVE is at the core of every living being on this planet. Love is at the core of Gaia, the Goddess of Earth.  
This is not a time to FEAR but a time to LOVE. It is a time to put LOVE into action. 
For in the end, it is LOVE that will prevail and LOVE that will save us from ourselves. 
Please join me in sending healing Reiki Energy and enveloping Mother Earth in Reiki Energy as often as you think of it throughout the day. 
We are all in this together and we are all connected.  
Be at Peace, my friends!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Contemplations for 2019

As I do at the conclusion of every year, I’m considering the things I’ve let go of in 2019 that have consistently caused an overload of negativity and drama in my Life. As I mature in Life, I’m realizing that negativity and drama ~ which were sometimes the very threads of my younger existence and woven into the fabric of my ‘then’ reality ~ no longer serve a purpose in my new & authentic Life. 

I’ve risen above the negativity of living a small Life on a small scale. The expansion of our Consciousness includes expansion of our Heart Chakra and energies. The Heart and the Consciousness are intricately connected as I have learned over the past few years. If I expand my Heart and allow myself to open to Unconditional Love of self and others, my Consciousness follows and vice versa.

This year, I’ve purposefully and eloquently ended connections with people who are intricately connected to and burdened with drama and negativity, people who have no boundaries when it comes to others’ business. When you allow others to insert their opinions and unsolicited advice into your personal business, you are giving them carte blanche to verbalize their opinions and judgments where they do not belong.

In order to live an authentic and beautiful Life, we need to know who we are and what we will tolerate and not tolerate as empowered spiritual beings. We are not judging we are simply letting go of those things and people that no longer align with our higher purpose. 

When we let go with Love & forgiveness, (for ourselves as well as for others) we are allowing and creating space for newer and higher experiences to enter our realm.

At the conclusion of this chapter, 2019, I’m celebrating the letting go of external energies that are dark and negative and no longer needed or wanted in my Life. I’m celebrating the end of attachments to negativity and negative entities. I’m celebrating the end of attachment to those things and people who no longer have a place in my new Life.

As I fill my vessel with Light & Love of Eternal Bliss and Joy, I no longer require attachments to anything in the material world.

I Am Light. I Am Love.

I Am.

Peace, Love & Light ~
Reiki Nurse (Kat)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The New Heaven & the New Earth

A Full Moon on the horizon ...
Looking at the Full Moon has always produced in me a sense of deep stillness and inner knowing. It’s always produced an overall feeling of wellbeing. Ever since I was a small child lying on my back on the front lawn with aunts and watching the stars, I’ve been drawn to the Cosmos. The Full Moon, Luna, She has always been the brightest reflective body in the entire Cosmos. I love Her and have had multiple experiences involving her over this incarnation.

I’m positive that many of those experiences stem from previous incarnations as an herbalist and healer. They called people like me 'witches' back then. When they called us witch and pointed at us whilst shrieking hysterically, the term ‘witch’ became an extremely derogatory one that was used against us so that the powers that ruled the masses back then had justification in murdering us by the millions. 

They hunted us down during the Inquisition tying us to trees or stakes that were planted firmly into the ground and burning us alive. They drowned us with stones and bricks tied to our legs so we sunk to the bottom of cold, murky ponds or lakes. They maimed & murdered us in so many inhuman, barbaric, and amoral ways ~ all in the name of God. 

But the real reason they came after us was in an attempt to shut us down, shut us up & terminate our divine and esoteric knowledge. The esoteric knowledge that we hold dear, which has been passed along from generation to generation for eons.  It has been genetically, intrinsically and verbally shared among our people for thousands, perhaps millions of years.

Lo & behold: We have returned again and again!

Millions of us! We are back during this auspicious time to help break down the social & religious conditioning, the old ways of thinking and being, and the old, outmoded paradigms. We’re here to shatter the old Draconian rules, laws & all the other rhetoric and social conditioning that simply is no longer working for humanity’s highest good. 

Every one of us is a Divine Spark & an extension of the Creator
We are men & women with a mission ~ a mission to heal the world and allow the New Heaven and the New Earth (Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness) to reveal itself. 

We have chosen to be here during this auspicious time to heal ourselves, to heal Our Mother (Earth) & to heal those who inhabit Her and wish to be healed. 

We are here to eradicate the toxic, noxious poison of the patriarchal paradigms. 

The patriarchal 'church’ does not nor has it ever wanted us to interfere with its methods of brainwashing the masses. ‘They’ wish to keep the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Principles quashed, clandestine, and hidden from Humanity because ‘they’ know if the truth is revealed it will be the end of time for the current paradigms. If the majority raises its collective Consciousness and LOVE prevails via knowing Divine Truth, the patriarch will no longer hold any control over Humanity.

‘They’ know that if Humanity discovers the truth, that we are all aspects of Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine, the Yin & Yang, the Dark & Light, we will each know our True Self. In turn, we will each become empowered with our own personal power of knowing who we are and where we stand in our divinity. 

Yes, if we all continue to Awaken & Ascend, we will become both empowered & knowledgeable. When individuals become empowered & knowledgeable, they realize that fighting against each other is futile, wasted and ignorant. They begin to realize that their own individual power, when combined with others’ personal power becomes a Force, an Entity to be reckoned with. 

Self-empowerment is unstoppable!
Then we will know our Divine Self and we will know that we are not separate entities away from the Creator(s), but intricate and important aspects of the Creator(s) . 

We will know that we are not separate from each other, but intricate and important aspects of each other. 

We will then be able and willing to rise up & shed Light on the darkness and the truth will be revealed to Humanity. 

We will know that ’they’ kept the Truth cloaked & shrouded in darkness for millennia in order to control, manipulate and own the masses.

When that day comes, the darkness will forever be bathed and revealed in the Light. 

And we will all know true freedom, peace & joy …

Reiki Blessings, Love & EnLightment to All ~
Kat (Reiki Nurse)

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Importance of Self-Care

This post was first published here: Reiki Rays
Healers are usually focused on helping others heal ...Finding a Balance

Finding a Balance

Healers are usually focused on healing others and/or on helping others find their center, their place of Zen, their balance. Sometimes, healers are helping others to the exclusion of helping themselves. In my time on this Earth plane, I’ve learned that it’s just as important (or even more important!) to care for myself before I can assist others effectively. Often, that means hibernating or isolating from others for an extended period of time to regroup, recharge and renew my own Being. 

When I find myself in that space of needing to be alone to recharge, I withdraw into my own personal space quietly. There is no need to announce my withdrawal to anyone. I simply retreat into my own personal healing vortex, where I can recharge, relax and renew. I’m no stranger to being alone or to enjoying solitude peacefully. I know when it’s important and when I need alone time to collect myself (and connectmy Self!) and take some slow, deep, cleansing breaths. 

Creating a Sacred Space 

I create my own ‘spa days’ that are tailored to my specifications and what my needs might be on any given day. Sometimes, that may mean simply enjoying a cup of tea in the stillness of the early morning, whilst basking in the early morning sunshine. Or maybe it’s sitting on the deck in the backyard, listening to the birds awakening as the sun climbs slowly over the horizon.

At other times, my self-care rituals may be more involved. I might schedule time at a local spa, where I’ll indulge in two or more services, allowing myself to relax and receive all the good vibrations that other healers have to offer. I love those times when I can relax enough to simply enjoy another’s healing techniques without judgment. Those are some of the most effective self-care days for me.
Self-Care is paramount in order to help others heal ...
Surrendering totally to the Present moment always has a way of healing one’s energy on a quantum level.

Of course, Reiki is at the center of every thing I do for my own self-care. Its gentle, powerful & healing energy infuses into every second of the rituals I create for my own peace of mind. For instance, I make a cup of tea and infuse Reiki into the tea. I draw a bath with essential oils and/or sea salt and infuse Reiki into the deliciously warm and welcoming waters. I make a nourishing, comforting soup and infuse Reiki into the tasty broth.

Every moment I spend alone and focused on self-care is important for me. I thrive on healing my own maladies and connecting deeply with Source and Nature. It helps me to reconnect and center my spirit. Spending time nurturing myself, recharging my own battery, connecting with who I truly am and meditating in the stillness of Nature is imperative for my own peace of mind, my own physical and mental wellness. It is also helpful in bringing my Soul and my Life back into balance.

Physician, Heal Yourself 

We can only give to others that which we have to give ...
It’s important to remember that while assisting others to heal, we mustn’t forget to care for ourselves in the process. We can only give as much as we have and if we’ve depleted our energy significantly, we won’t have much to offer anyone who is seeking solace or healing in our presence. Self-care isn’t about being selfish, but about being selfless. Our vessels, our bodies and souls require consistent nourishment in order to effectively help others nourish themselves. It is imperative that I take time frequently to focus on self-care and healing myself. 

It is my hope that practitioners from all walks of Life realize that they are as important as those they assist, and learn to care for themselves as well as they care for their clients. We are all in need of deep and cleansing healing on multiple levels. 

Walk in Light ~ 
Reiki Nurse 

Embracing the Light & Dark

There is Light & Dark within us all ...

Learning Lessons

I’ve always been one to welcome changes. I learn the lesson or lessons and then leave the past where it belongs. At times, I learn my lessons through past events, either about me personally, my behaviors, or about what I need to know in order to change, generally. And then I move on without looking back with regret or sadness. It’s really a process that has been effectively in motion since I began this Journey of self-healing and self-love nearly 30 years ago.

So, this morning I awakened with the thought in the forefront of my brain that I have changed so drasticallyover the last two decades that I barely recognize the person I was back then. I’ve not only changed my thoughts about many situations. I’ve changed the way I view situations, events, memories and ways of being.

Remaining Cognizant & Insightful

I’ve changed perspectives and ways of thinking. It’s amazing to have the willingness to change, and to know intrinsically that there is always, alwaysroom for improvement as a human being. And it’s wonderful to continue to be willing to recognize and change in accordance with newly arisen situations and events.

It’s incredible to recognize and have the insight to see past the poor choices others make, to see past another’s mistreatment of you, and to recognize the deeply embedded pain within another human beings’ Soul that controls them unconsciously. It brings a new and fresh perspective of why people think and act the way they do. But it also helps me empathize with them rather than seek revenge or react in an unconscious manner towards them.


© 2019 I took this photo at sunrise over the ocean Conclusion
Ultimately, though, it’s awesome to recognize the flaws within myself and in my own ways of being, especially regarding my own rigid conditioning and thinking. Only in seeing my own flaws am I able to change. Only in my own awareness of my flaws am I able to even begin to change. Change arises from the awareness that something within me is not working any longer.

Change is growth ~ and growth is optional. As a Conscious woman living as mindfully as I possibly can, I welcome change. I welcome Awareness. I welcome and am grateful for Consciousness. I honor both the Light and the darkness within my own self. I realize that we all possess Light and darkness. And I embrace both aspects entirely. 

Have a Be-YOU-tiful Day!

Reiki Nurse